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Where work is done, you need not only work clothes and tools. There are also various accessories that are important for smooth operation.

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Good workwear is enormously important in order to be able to take all hurdles in a first-class manner during private as well as professional working life. It ensures that all tasks can be carried out safely and quickly, thereby permanently increasing productivity. But the small details should not be overlooked either. Accessories help to further optimise what you have already come to appreciate in workwear. With several of these little icing on the cake, work can be carried out even more precisely, efficiently and with less effort and time.

Popular accessories in the work sector include:

  • Working belt
  • headlamp / headlamp / torch
  • balaclava / balaclava / ski mask
  • work cap
  • backpack / tool rucksack

No matter what industry you are looking at, little helpers like the ones listed before are used almost everywhere because the benefits during use are simply too great to do without.

Wearing belts for work trousers, back support belts and co. during work

A variety of useful types fall under the category of "work belts", including:

  • Back support belt
  • tool belt pouches

The back support belt is specifically designed for the purpose of relieving the wearer's back while lifting heavy weights. Both the abdominal muscles and the lumbar vertebrae are protected by the workwear. Strenuous, demanding work can thus be carried out over a longer period of time. Back health is maintained.

A tool bag for the belt, on the other hand, serves to store tools safely and neatly. Popular types include a hammer holder bag or a bag for nails. A belt pouch for tools is especially important in professions where quick accessibility of utensils plays a role. Also, in many crafts, the hands must remain permanently free in order to be able to secure oneself at heights, for example.

Other useful work belts within our online presence are:

  • Leather garden shears holster
  • Leather ratchet holder
  • leather water car bag

Of course, you can also purchase conventional work belts from us that serve to hold your trousers in place.

Always have a clear view with headlamps, head torches and torches

Headlamps, head torches and other illuminants of this kind are not only enormously useful in the dark. Often bad weather conditions, such as fog or heavy rain, make them indispensable. Quickly ready for use and with a long-lasting luminosity, the models can be securely fastened or simply held comfortably in the hand. This way, you are seen early by other road users or people around you, even in poor visibility.

The do-it-yourselfer who quickly chops a bit of wood just before sunset can use little goodies in this category just as much as the construction worker who has to apply road markings in a fog bank on the motorway. The areas of use here are almost endless, which underlines why everyone should always have a headlamp, head torch and the like with them.

What is a balaclava and what are its advantages?

A balaclava is also known as a balaclava or ski mask. Whenever winter approaches and the cold plays an increasingly important role during time in the fresh air, you can quickly and reliably provide warmth with cold protection for the face. Most areas of the head and neck are then covered, so that usually only the eyes, nose and mouth are exposed.

But a balaclava is not only a face protector that is used outdoors. Workers who spend a lot of time in cold stores, for example, can also find relief with this warming accesscoire. In addition, there are many people who work not only in extremely cold but also windy areas. As a wind blocker, a balaclava is also convincing. In our shop, you can access a large selection of balaclavas and purchase them with just a few clicks.

The cap - practical headgear for every day

The term "cap" is the generic term for a variety of practical and highly sought-after types, including:

  • Cap
  • winter cap

The cap, the typical peaked cap, has a more universal character, as it can be worn in summer as well as in winter. The visor ensures that the sun's rays from the sky do not blind you so quickly. When pulled down low, you can protect your eyes from bright light. But even when the going gets tough and the sweat starts to flow, this kind of accessory is very useful because it catches the drops of sweat from your hair, similar to a headband.

The winter hat, on the other hand, as described earlier for the balaclava, is the perfect choice for those who are exposed to a cold environment for a long time, whether indoors or outdoors. You will find many models online that are excellently warm, have great breathability and are partly equipped with great features, such as a front LED lamp. Thanks to the integrated headlamp, you are not only warm but also a lot safer on the road.

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