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Barrier tapes

Not only on public construction sites, but also for smaller works in the private sector, you should always keep the safety of others in mind! Barrier tapes mark danger zones and construction sites and help to avoid accidents.

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Barrier tape

You can use barrier tape to make it visually clear: Here is an area that should only be entered by those in charge. Dangerous areas can be secured, areas of operation can be kept free as working areas. Obstacles can also be clearly marked with flutter tape.

Barrier tape as a safety measure

You can use barrier tape to mark obstacles so that no one gets hurt. Certain danger spots can also be well marked with flutter tape. It works as a warning to safeguard against unnecessary accident potential. Secure dangerous places, spots or things to minimise the risk of injury.

You can also mark work areas with red and white barrier tape. In this way, those responsible can carry out their tasks undisturbed and unauthorised persons are protected from danger.

Another function is the so-called routing with barrier tape. This refers to the marking of certain paths or roads, for example at events. The use of flutter tape provides guidance for people on the move and secures the cordoned-off route.

Different types of barrier tape

In our webshop you will also find different types of barrier tape ranging from 100-200 m in length and in red-white and black-yellow. Legal regulations state that temporary hazards and obstacles should be marked with a red-white marking. In this case, you should opt for this variant of flutter tape.

With its 70 mm width, the barrier tape shows even from a distance that an obstacle is to be expected and makes it possible for passers-by, motorists and cyclists to react appropriately.

Permanent barriers or boundaries that serve to protect workers, on the other hand, must be cordoned off in black and yellow. You will find the right barrier tape for this in our online shop.

Whether black and yellow flutter tape or red and white barrier tape, both variants can be used both indoors and outdoors, as their material can withstand light gusts of wind or light pressure, for example from spectators or passers-by.

Barrier tapes in the dark

Although both red and white and black and yellow barrier tapes can make danger zones or marked areas clearly visible in daylight, they unfortunately do not help in this function at night or in the dark.