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Tool belts are a practical solution for keeping your tools close to hand. Especially when working without the possibility to put your tools within reach, tool belts and nail bags are suitable. This allows you to expand the storage space for the tools you want to carry with you. Because you can not always store all the tools you need in your work clothes.

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With our tool bags and tool belts you always have your tools with you



Tool bags and tool belts reliably keep your hand tools and tools for carrying out certain tasks in place. You can carry them flexibly, directly on your body or in a carrier bag. The practical organisational utensils put an end to long searches, which is also very important because time is often simply money, especially in professional life. To ensure that you can reach for the tools you need quickly, purposefully and, above all, safely and that productivity remains at a first-class level, more and more professional groups are relying on the various tool bags. But they have also become irreplaceable for many people in private use, as they make a significant contribution to not only maintaining a clear overview, but also ensuring that the required tool is always within reach.




What types of tool bags are there?


Tool bags are available in many different designs. This ensures that every handyman and do-it-yourselfer can benefit from the countless advantages and find the perfect type for him. The most important tools are then always with you. Particularly sought-after are, among others:
-Universal tool bag
-Tool bag for belt
-Tool belt
-Knife bag
-Nail bag
-Hammer holder

Depending on the model, different materials are used. Polyester, nylon and leather are particularly popular for such bags and belts because of their robustness. Universal tool bags, as the name suggests, offer space for various tools. With a total volume of usually between 20-30 litres, countless additional pockets and subdivision options inside, everything can be sorted here in a structured way so that your tools are well sorted and quickly at hand when needed. A very practical utensil is the tool belt. It is worn around the waist and offers storage space for the most important tools, depending on your needs and size. This way, you have your tools right at hand even in places where you can't put them down.

Knife bag, nail bag and hammer holder also fall under the category of "tool bags", but here the storage and sorting utensil has been designed for the purposeful use exclusively for a specific type of tool or accessory.



What features does a tool bag have?


Regardless of whether it is a nail bag, knife bag or tool belt - they all have certain characteristics that apply across all types, including:

-High robustness
-Excellent durability
-Great dirt resistance
-Very good abrasion resistance

Tool bags and also tool belts are therefore mainly bought because they are stable, hard-wearing, robust and compact. All these points are important for storing tools and carrying them directly with you. Some models are also water-repellent, so that they can withstand prolonged rainy weather. Here, a waterproof plastic base is often incorporated into the product to further increase durability. Absolutely outstanding features, however, are the possible subdivision possibilities of a tool bag, both inside and outside. This ensures that tools can be kept in order and transported at all times.


An absolute must-have for numerous professions

In many professions, it is extremely important that certain tools are quickly accessible and can be clearly stored. Many workers in manual professions also need to ensure that their hands can remain free when not in use, so that safety-relevant points can be covered or they need their hands for other things. Fanny packs, knife pouches and nail pouches are the perfect solution.

The following professions regularly rely on carrying these compact pouches:
-construction worker
-mechanics / mechatronics

Every nail, every hammer and every pair of pliers has its fixed, easily accessible place in this way. This is exactly the reason why the tool holders are available in so many different versions. Every occupational group has the opportunity to find the model that best suits their work requirements.



Is a leather bag or leather tool belt particularly advantageous?



The other common materials are also 100% recommendable for knife bags, nail bags and tool belts, so that no particular advantage or disadvantage can be attributed to leather at this point. However, the following can be named as general strengths of leather:
-High resilience
-Great durability
-High water and dirt resistance
-Low dead weight
-Natural material

Whether it ends up being the leather tool bag or the leather tool belt and, for example, polyester and nylon are deliberately dispensed with, is something everyone has to decide for themselves. In any case, you will find a huge selection in our online shop that will satisfy all tastes.


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