Respiratory protection mask - effective...

Respiratory protection

We offer respirators for all protection classes and accordingly for numerous areas of application. The product spectrum ranges from the simple respirator without valve to the full-face mask with filter.

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Respiratory protection mask - effective protection against solid and liquid particles

In many areas, respiratory protection is essential and sometimes even mandatory, e.g. in the construction industry, cleaning, waste sorting or in the pharmaceutical industry. Dust or toxic vapours can damage the lungs and blood circulation and thus lead to serious illnesses.

In the online shop Arbeitsbedarf24 you can get high-quality respiratory protection masks in various designs, e.g. with and without filters or as full-face masks. Masks for single use are also available from us. In addition, we offer replacement filters for the respirator.

FFP protection classes for masks for work protection

The problem with many liquid or solid particles: they are a non-visible or almost non-visible health risk. Accordingly, the requirements for the properties of a respiratory protection mask are extensive in relation to the respective hazardous substances.

Particle-filtering masks are divided into protection classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 according to their filter materials:

FFP1: Mask provides protection against non-fibrogenic, non-toxic dusts. Although they are not harmful to health, they can cause irritation to the respiratory tract.

FFP2: Mask protects against both solid and liquid dusts, aerosols and smoke that are harmful to health. It is suitable for fibrogenic particles, i.e. particles that irritate the respiratory tract for a short time and affect the elasticity of the lung tissue in the long term.

FFP3: Mask protects against harmful and toxic particles - dusts, smoke and aerosols. These include pathogens (e.g. fungal spores, viruses) and radioactive substances.

In addition to these protection classes, there are special respiratory protection masks marked with the letters A, B, E or K (depending on the mask, combinations are sometimes possible). They have protective filters with the following functions:

A: protection against organic vapours/gases
B: Protection against inorganic vapours/gases
E: Protection against acids
K: Protection against ammonia

We have compiled more detailed information in our blog entitled "Respirators: "FFP classes and what they protect against".

Respirators for many applications

In our online shop, you will find particle-filtering masks for all protection classes as well as special masks for numerous areas of application in trade, industry, research and, of course, for private use. From the simple dust mask without valve, half mask to the full face mask with filter for use with substances containing solvents - at Arbeitsbedarf24 you will find the right solution to protect your respiratory system. To find out which respirator you need for your work area, you can read our blog here.