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Your car should be more beautiful, safer, better? We have just the right car accessories and the right car tools in our range. At Arbeitsbedarf24 you will find a wide selection of everything you need for the care and repair of your car.

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Buy car accessories online at Arbeitsbedarf24

Here we offer everything from small helpers to professional chain hoists with 2 tons of pulling power for your garage at home or any professional workshop.


Good for the paintwork: car care and car accessories

If you love your car, you make sure that it always stays beautiful. The keyword is the right care. In the car accessories section, we have numerous practical products in the shop that make the car fan's heart beat faster. Car wash brushes in various designs, matching telescopic handles to reach all corners, round brushes, sponges made of microfibres, silicone peel-off lips and much more help you to care for your car properly. All care utensils are specially made for car care and are gentle on the paintwork. Even larger vehicles can be cleaned without any problems thanks to the telescopic poles. Whether you clean cars commercially or are looking for the right car accessories privately, this is the right place for you.


More safety with the right helpers

Of course, safety is an important aspect. To be able to guarantee this, regular maintenance is important. For the things you can check yourself, we also have clever little helpers in our range of car supplies. An air pressure gauge for the tyres is always important, as is a voltage tester - should you ever need to connect something to the car's electrics.

A starter cable is also very practical. And if you do break down on the road, we also have high-visibility waistcoats in our shop - with fleece inserts, by the way. So no one has to be cold any more! If you regularly work in workshops, you will also find the right work clothes made of robust material and a comfortable fit in our shop. In addition to the right tools, work clothes play a major role, because if you feel comfortable in your clothes and neither sweat nor freeze, you will work more fatigue-free.


Tools and accessories for every car

Car enthusiasts are also always a bit of a tinkerer. We carry many different tools and devices that make work much easier: mini compressors, grease guns, oil extraction pumps and valve spanners are great helpers, for example.

But you are fully protected with a tool box specially designed for the car. Of course, we also offer suitable tool cabinets in which car accessories and tools can be neatly stored and quickly found when needed. And if there's ever a dent in the bodywork, we also have a hammer set for dent removal for you.

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