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For the transport of heavy objects, the wheelbarrow or other base with transport wheels is ideal. In this category you will find the appropriate heavy duty casters and furniture casters.

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Castors and wheels for pallet trucks and wheelbarrows

Are you looking for a spare wheel for your wheelbarrow? Then you have come to the right place. In addition, we also offer transport castors and wheels for machines, flower boxes, flower pots, furniture and other heavy objects that are much easier to move with mounted castors.


Transport castors: Different diameters and load capacities

Transport castors are usually made of solid rubber with a steel rim. Depending on the wheel diameter, these castors offer different load-bearing capacities. The standard transport castors have a load capacity of 50 kilograms with the smallest diameter of 75 millimetres. The largest version with a diameter of 250 millimetres can carry 210 kilograms. For all castors and wheels, the dimensions and load capacity are listed in detail so that you can find the right castors for your requirements. All standard castor frames have a galvanised steel housing and are manufactured to be very stable and robust. Due to the materials used, the transport castors are therefore also well protected against weather influences. Swivel castors have double ball bearings and reliably handle even heavy weights. Each wheel meets the highest requirements in terms of durability and load capacity.


Sturdy furniture castors make transport easier

Everything about wheels and castors is designed for robustness and stability. Nevertheless, pay attention to the permissible maximum weight; if in doubt, it is better to take a size larger. Save strength and transport heavy objects on transport castors: There are many possibilities. Loose objects and materials can best be moved with a wheelbarrow, for solid objects a transport trolley helps, which can also be folded away to save space. The swivel castors with plastic tyres can simply be screwed under the object or under an extra plate. This way you can make even heavy things mobile and transport them easily with heavy duty castors, often even moving them on your own without much effort or help. At Arbeitsbedarf24 you will find the right transport castors for your project or even spare wheels for your wheelbarrow. Simply select the right size and order the wheel or wheels or castors conveniently online.