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Once the garden hose has been used, it is often left in its last used position or roughly gathered up and laid to one side. In doing so, you could trip over it, kinks could occur or you first have to untie the knots the next time you use it. In our online store, there are hose carts and hose reels with which you can achieve optimal placement and longevity of your garden hoses.

Once the hose is rolled onto the hose reel, you can conveniently roll the hose cart to the side or into the garage due to its wheels. The hose is now compact, protected and tidy without kinks. In our offer for hose trolleys you will also find sets, which include a garden hose, the matching trolley and, if necessary, garden showers or more.

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Hose Trolleys & Reels

Garden hose carts and holders are an important tool when it comes to watering your garden efficiently. At Arbeitsbedarf24 you will find hose trolleys and hose holders in a large selection at a fair price.

In addition to garden hose holders that are fixed to the wall, there are classic hose carts on wheels that allow you to move around the garden in a mobile way. Especially in large gardens, the garden hose cart makes work much easier. The hose can be neatly rolled up and stored in a shelter or shed to save space after use. But also permanently installed garden hose reels and wall brackets for garden hoses are a popular aid for watering and storing the garden hose. Look around directly in our online shop for gardening supplies and find the right one for your needs.

Garden hose reels for neat rewinding

If you do not wind up a garden hose properly after use, knots will form and it will be crushed, which will cause damage to the fabric in the long run. Careful garden owners therefore use appropriate hose reels and holders to store the garden hose neatly.

With a simple hose reel, for example, the garden hose is rolled up with the help of a small crank. Although this has no wheels, it can be transported to the desired location by means of a handle. However, if you have a larger garden, a small hose reel will not be enough. Since larger hose reels mean more weight that needs to be transported, there is a better option: hose reels with wheels.

Sturdy garden hose trolleys for large gardens

The wheel is really not a new invention, but here it finds its perfect use: the combination of hose reel and pushable or pullable trolley makes the gardener's heart beat faster and is easy on the troubled back when transporting the garden hose. The hose can now be conveniently moved to the place where it is needed.

Garden hose holder for the wall

Wall-mounted hose holders are also very popular with hobby gardeners. The special thing about these holders is that the garden hose does not have to be rolled up particularly well, as is the case with metal hose reels or garden hose trolleys. Instead, the garden hose is first rolled up by hand and then placed on the holder or pulled over the wall holder in even loops. The hose holder itself finds its place below the water connection.

Although this procedure is somewhat more laborious than simply rolling it up with the help of the crank, it also has its advantages. For example, the hose can be unrolled very easily by lifting it completely out of the holder.

For whom is a garden hose reel suitable?

Especially in large gardens and in the field of gardening and landscaping, garden hose trolleys are a real labour-saver. This is because here the garden hose (which can weigh a considerable amount depending on its length!) has to be transported over many metres.

For normal home use, a small hose reel in the form of a drum or a practical hose holder near the water connection is sufficient. But even here a hose trolley can be worthwhile, for example if you want to store the garden hose in the shed or if you can no longer work with a particularly low back and strength.

Buy garden hose holders and trolleys online

In the online shop of Arbeitsbedarf24 you will find a large selection of high-quality hose trolleys, loop reels, wall brackets and the like for neat storage and easy transport through your garden! In our hose cart sets you will also find the combination of garden hose cart with hose, sprinkler and multi-function garden sprayer.

Tips and tricks for handling hose reels can be found here in our blog.