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At Arbeitsbedarf24 you will find professional cleaning supplies and the right accessories for a hygienic environment. We offer all the products you need for thorough cleaning of a wide variety of surface soiling.

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Cleaning supplies and cleaning agents for professionals and for your own four walls.

Depending on the material, different cleaners, brushes and cloths are recommended so that sensitive surfaces such as chrome, wood, car paint or laminate are not damaged. In this category you will find the right cleaning products for different tasks, such as car washing or window cleaning. Your advantage: At Arbeitsbedarf24 you can buy cleaning agents and cleaning accessories online at low prices and benefit from the large selection.


The right accessories for car washing

Every vehicle needs regular care and that of course includes a thorough car wash. With a high-quality washing brush, you can comfortably wash any vehicle, no matter how large, and reach every surface. Thanks to the telescopic rod with lengths of up to 300 centimetres, even large vehicles are no problem. The car wash brushes are equipped with an on/off switch and flow monitor so that you can control the water consumption at any time. In addition, all car wash brushes are equipped with a standard connection for the hose coupling. The actual brush has spliced bristles at the tip that are gentle on the paintwork. With the cleaning supplies for car washes, you will quickly be just as well equipped at home as at any professional car wash.

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Cleaning supplies for the perfect shine when cleaning windows

Dirt is particularly noticeable on glass. Without the right cleaning products, it will be difficult to enjoy an unclouded and streak-free view through your windows. The window cleaning supplies have been specially developed for glass surfaces and ensure easy and reliable cleaning success. With the universal window wiper and window cleaner, you are perfectly equipped for every window. Even larger areas are no problem thanks to the large reach.

Here are our tips for proper window cleaning:

-Use suitable cleaning agents and appropriate accessories for glass.
-Clean windows only when the sky is overcast (sunlight causes evaporation more quickly and thus streaks).
-If the sun is shining: use less glass cleaner to reduce residue and try to work as quickly as possible.
-Begin with the window frame, then the window, household cleaner is recommended for both if heavily soiled.
-Always pull from the top left to the bottom and avoid the edge. Then position the squeegee slightly offset from the first sheet and pull downwards.
-Use an extra cloth to absorb any liquid that runs down.

With the right technique and the right cleaning agent, you can get any window clean.