You will find the most diverse hose...


For your garden utensils you will find here at Arbeitsbedarf24 a wide range of different connections. For the extension of the garden hose is provided with our various hose connectors. Furthermore, we carry various tap connectors, Storz couplings, hose clamps, connectors in various forms and IBC accessories. We also offer GEKA compatible couplings and tap connectors in our assortment. Connect everything you need for your irrigation utensils and enjoy our large product selection.

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You will find the most diverse hose connections with us

It can quickly happen that one garden hose is not enough and needs to be extended. We have provided the suitable hose connections for you in this category. Whether hose clamps in various sizes, PVC hose connectors also with water meter or tap connections with reducers, GEKA threaded sockets and quick couplings or Storz blind couplings with chain or also as quick couplings.
With the hose connectors from our range, you will have extended your garden hose in no time at all and equipped it with a water meter!