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Construction hoses

High-quality construction hoses for all types of drainage work. Here you will find a large selection of different construction hose sizes and the matching accessories.

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Professional construction hose for the building trade or gardening

For pumping out large quantities of water, construction hoses or industrial hoses are the right choice. The material made of twisted polyester yarn (inside and outside) is resistant and flexible at the same time. A construction hose is ideal for pumping out larger quantities of water with a submersible pump. Construction hoses are therefore preferably used when flooded areas are to be drained or also for pumping out wells or ditches. Since the construction hose can also be used for irrigation, it is also referred to as a fire hose.

Each type of construction hose is designed for an operating pressure of 10 bar and a burst pressure of 18 bar. Due to the flexible material, a construction hose is immediately ready for use and can be stored in a space-saving manner. For drainage on construction sites, a few construction hoses should therefore always be kept in stock to pump out water when needed.

Construction hoses with different diameters

At Arbeitsbedarf24 you will find construction hoses with one, two or three inch diameters, each in 20 metre lengths. Depending on the thickness, these are equipped with a D-Storz, C-Storz or B-Storz connection. We also offer a jet pipe with Storz coupling and aluminium lever for the Storz C-coupling (2"). To match this, we have a large selection of coupling threads, which also allow the combination of different strengths. Before buying, check whether you need an A, B, C or D coupling and select hose and accessories accordingly. Only if the construction hose and the rest of the equipment are matched to each other can you work smoothly and save unnecessary costs for additional couplings or Adapters.