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Cut protection

Gloves with cut protection you can buy here with us in the online store cheap. The work gloves are lightweight, breathable and have good tactile sensitivity. With them it is possible to work precisely and in addition to their cut protection properties, they are characterized by flexibility and abrasion resistance. In our assortment you will find the work gloves with cut protection with and without extended cuff. The entire palm is provided along the fingers to over the fingertips with a special coating, which is usually made of polyurethane or nitrile to ensure the certain protection.

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First-class cut-resistant gloves for a wide range of work different types of work

Cut-resistant gloves are important to be able to cope with everyday work. Whenever it could become dangerous to handle sharp objects or tools, cut-resistant gloves provide the necessary safety. Well-prepared, you can turn to the contents of the task without a care in the world.

If you want to buy gloves with cut protection, it is a great advantage to know exactly what is important in this irreplaceable work equipment. Find out here in which areas cut-resistant gloves are needed, how they are made and what their properties are.

Before you buy, take a detailed look at the protective gloves and purchase an item that always guarantees a high level of protection at work.

Stab-resistant gloves - good cut protection for palms and fingers

Not every glove is the same. Since different properties are required of a cut protection glove from job to job, but also in private use, we have positioned our range accordingly. Regardless of the type, however, it is above all the following features that make cut-resistant gloves irreplaceable at work:

  • Cut protection
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Breathability
  • Perfect fit

The cut protection glove can thus protect against injury. To find out what features your desired cut resistant glove has, please take a look at the associated product description.

Cut resistant gloves - indispensable in many areas

Even though you can use a cut-resistant glove universally, some occupational groups still benefit particularly strongly from the protection at work, including:

  • logistics workers / warehouse workers
  • Metalworkers
  • plant and machine builders
  • fitters / plumbers
  • road builders
  • mechanics

A glove that protects against cuts is also important for craftsmen working with glass, wood or ceramics. Printing workers also rely on reliable cut protection when putting together their personal protective equipment. For all do-it-yourselfers, hobbyists and gardeners at home, these reliable cut protection gloves are also of great advantage.

Cut-resistant gloves - prevent cut injuries with first-class material

Cut-resistant work gloves are always perfectly adapted to the conditions of the respective place of use during production to ensure a high level of protection all round. As a result, different materials are used from model to model, as each has its own advantages. Regardless of the location, the following materials are used:

  • Nitrile
  • Polyurethane
  • Kevlar / Aramid yarn
  • Polyethylene
  • Nylon
  • glass fibre

As a rule, such a glove consists of a blended fabric. In order to be able to benefit from as many positive properties as possible, some of the listed materials are combined with each other with regard to the requirements of the respective place of work. Read the corresponding product description of your favourite model to get an exact overview of the composition.

Other highly functional gloves within our range

You will not only find cut-resistant gloves in our wide range, but also work gloves of all kinds. Take a look at our nitrile, latex, rubber, leather or Kevlar categories, for example. You can even buy disposable gloves and knobby gloves from us. For cold temperatures, we recommend our high-quality winter gloves. For the very little helpers, you will find the right option in our children's gloves.

FAQ - Cut resistant gloves

To give you an even better idea of what makes a high quality cut resistant glove, we have put together an FAQ section below.

What are cut resistant gloves?

A cut-resistant protective glove prevents you from sustaining an injury while working on your hand through its coating, abrasion resistance and robustness. Depending on the standard, a cut-resistant glove provides safety in different ways. For example, many models in our range comply with DIN EN 388, DIN EN 420 and/or DIN EN 407. DIN EN 388 also includes certain cut protection classes. Class 5 cut protection gloves, for example, are considered to be particularly durable and resistant.

How much do cut-resistant gloves cost?

We have set up our range in such a way that really everyone can find a suitable glove or cut-resistant glove. Price and performance go hand in hand. Protection class 3 gloves can be purchased for as little as €2.49, while protection class 4 gloves are available for as little as €3.29. You can buy class 5 cut protection gloves in our online shop for an affordable €3.69. We offer Kevlar gloves from 9.99€. Highest cut protection at a fair price.

Which cut protection gloves fit my hand size?

To ensure that your protective glove fits like a glove, you will find size tables in our product descriptions. Here we provide information about size, hand measurement/hand circumference, length and minimum length. This way you can choose the perfect prick protection glove for the job and a first-class grip is guaranteed every day. High cut protection starts with finding the optimal size. We are aware of this and are therefore happy to help you in Advance.