Cut protection boots - more safety at work...

Cut protection boots

Safety first: As soon as dangerous equipment is used, safe equipment and protective clothing are important in addition to proper handling. Cut protection boots play a particularly important role here. In this category you will find cut protection boots, forestry boots and safety boots at fair prices.

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Cut protection boots - more safety at work

When working with a chainsaw, safety must be considered in every action. This comes on the one hand from the right training and experience and on the other hand from the appropriate equipment. Here you will find high quality cut protection boots of various classes. Anyone who works with a dangerous tool such as a chain saw or similar machines must be able to trust their equipment. The protective effect is always a compromise between the greatest possible protection and the best possible comfort. Only if cut protection footwear is comfortable, allows freedom of movement and does not hinder you as the wearer can you make a contribution to safe working. Because one thing is clear: protective work shoes can only protect if they are also worn. If the cut protection boots are too bulky, the temptation to wear conventional forestry boots with less protection is great.

Protection and safety with cut protection boots

Of course, high-quality cut protection boots not only guarantee safety when handling cutting tools, but also ensure safe footing - no matter what the surface. After all, a firm footing is extremely important, especially in the forest. The outsole of the safety boots is puncture-resistant and slip-resistant (oil-resistant). The flexible polyurethane is well cushioned and comfortable, but at the same time has a good tread. In addition, the material is heat resistant up to 300° Celsius.

In the heel and toe area, the forestry cut protection boots are equipped with a metal cap, and the front area of the work protection boots is also cut-protected. The upper is made of water-repellent leather with cut protection. The special SAWTECH© material protects and stops the chain in case of contact. The special fibres in this material make the cut protection boots suitable for forestry work and similar activities. Gore-Tex materials and anatomically shaped footbeds make the cut protection boots ideal companions for daily work, whatever the weather. Thanks to the modern materials and ergonomic design, the forestry safety boots can be worn comfortably despite the protective materials and steel toe cap.

The different safety classes for work safety boots

At Arbeitsbedarf24 you will find different versions of the cut protection boots that are often used as forestry shoes. The different safety classes indicate how good the protection is against certain hazards. The classes according to DIN EN 381, for example, indicate how well a material protects against a running chainsaw, which is, however, not operated at full throttle.

  • Cutting protection class 0: 16 m/s
  • Cut protection class 1: 20 m/s
  • Cutting protection class 2: 24 m/s
  • Cutting protection class 3: 28 m/s
  • Cut protection class 4: 32 m/s

However, any protective effect is always based on proper handling and careful use of the tools. Cut protection boots do not provide 100% protection.
In addition, cut protection boots also fulfil other protective functions. These are indicated on our models by the protection class abbreviations:

  • A: Antistatic
  • CI: Cold insulation
  • CR: Cut resistance
  • E: Energy absorption in the heel area (relief for knee and ankle joints)
  • CI: Cold insulation
  • CR: Cut-resistant upper
  • FO: Oil and fuel resistant sole
  • HI: Heat insulation
  • HRO: Heat resistant against contact heat
  • M: Protection of the metatarsal bones
  • P: Puncture-resistant sole
  • SRC: Slip resistance
  • WR: Water-repellent material (entire shoe)
  • WRU: Water penetration and water absorption in the upper (waterproof for at least 60 minutes, after 90 minutes no more than 2 grams of water Absorption)