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Acquire high quality drill bits for work

A drill bit is a drilling tool that can be used to drill holes in various materials or materials. However, in order to achieve this goal, it is mandatory to use the chipping tool with a drill. Drilling attachment and tool always go hand in hand here. Both need each other in order to function. The drill itself has cutting edges only at the tip. During drilling, these rotate around their own axis. The resulting force ultimately enables the drill to penetrate the material.

What kind of drills are there?

The most popular types include:

  • Forestry drill
  • wood drill
  • metal drill
  • Concrete drills
  • stone drill
  • step drill

As you can already see from the names of the individual variants, these are material-specific drills. For example, if work has to be done on wood, concrete or metal, you always have the option of selecting the right type. Not only does this save time and make the work easier and more precise, it also increases the level of safety.

Why do you need a Forstner bit?

A Forstner bit is used for so-called blind holes. These are used, for instance, when receptacles for pot hinges are to be moved, but branch holes can also be drilled out very well with it.

There is a huge range to choose from, which is also reflected in the number of diameters available. As a rule, you can choose the right option between 8 mm and 150 mm. Forstner bits have both a drilling and a centring point, so that they can also be used with a hand drill.

How does a wood drill work?

The wood drill falls under the category of twist drills. The centre point and the two cutting edges are characteristic of this type. The outside edges of the cutting edges allow for careful pre-cutting, which in turn ensures that the edges of the hole turn out extremely clean. A wood drill is primarily made of tool steel. Thanks to the round shank, it can be effortlessly clamped into a conventional drill chuck. Both soft and very hard wood can be worked perfectly with this type of drill.

What is a metal drill?

Metal drills are made of High Speed Steel, a type often known only by its abbreviation HSS or the German term "Schnellarbeitsstahl". HSS drills can be used to drill holes in a variety of metals. Brass, copper and iron can be machined just as well as steel and aluminium. The metal drill can even be used optimally for plastic work.

Visually, it can be recognised by the conical front and the two cutting edges, which have a sharp texture. In addition, there is a spiral groove in the shaft behind it. This serves to reliably remove chips that occur during use.

What is behind a masonry drill / concrete drill?

A masonry drill can also be used to work on extremely hard materials such as granite, natural stone or concrete. It is also known under the term "concrete drill". The power is transmitted either by a hammer drill or an impact drill. Compared to working with wood or metal, it is not so easy to get through the materials listed above. For this very reason, the special drill has a hard metal plate at the tip. The resistant and extremely wear-resistant nature makes it easy to get through even the most stubborn materials.

What is the difference between SDS, SDS Plus and SDS Max?

SDS is the abbreviation for "Special Direct System" - often known in Germany as "plug-in rotary seat". Behind the terms is a clamping system that is used in power tools. The invention originally came from Bosch. Drills and chisels can be changed on the tools in a safe, time-saving and uncomplicated way, making the use of tools for fastening unnecessary.

SDS Plus" is the exact same system. Here, however, the special feature comes into play that an SDS Plus drill bit has been adapted to heavier tools weighing 4 kg or more. The "Plus" only serves to make it easier to distinguish.

SDS-Max drills, on the other hand, were brought onto the market due to the gigantic success of their predecessors. So that more could be done not only privately but also in a professional environment, this variant was designed for tools weighing 5 kg or more. More demanding work could then also be carried out with heavy hammer drills, for example.

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