Fall protection - safety equipment for work at...

Protection contre les chutes

Professional fall protection for safe work at height.

Assemble your ensemble according to needs and standards and secure yourself personally for the most diverse working areas at height.

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Fall protection - safety equipment for work at height

For anyone working in places where there is a risk of falling, safety harnesses are an essential part of personal protective equipment. This applies to all work where there is a risk of injury from falling or slipping. We offer an extensive fall protection range in our online shop, ranging from belt fall arresters to professional seat harnesses.

You will find all harnesses for fall protection, which serves you safety in certain fall heights, in our assortment of Arbeitsbedarf24.de! All products promise maximum mobility for all work such as on the roof or scaffolding. All fall arrest harnesses for your safety comply with the European safety standard EN 361. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

What kind of work requires fall protection?

Fall protection is a rope that has the task of protecting a person from falling. This fall protection can be used independently on

  • roofs,
  • structures,
  • poles,
  • cranes,
  • wind turbines,
  • and much more

are used. Fall protection can be personal protective equipment or, for example, scaffolding or guardrails.

At what height is a safety harness required?

As soon as a worker falls from a height of 1.00 m, the force transferred to him is 12 kN. In order to prevent injuries, the German standard DIN4226 decided on fall protection from a fall height of 1.00 m.

Which fall protection harness is the right one for your work?

Not every fall protection system is equally suitable for every fall height. The difference alone between

  • work carried out on slopes and
  • work where the harness is intended to protect against falling,

requires different types of harness. Like all elements of personal protective equipment, fall protection harnesses must be tailored to the respective tasks. Harnesses designed for permanent hanging, for example, are particularly suitable for work on roofs.

Only then does the fall protection provide safety in the event of a fall. Achieve the desired fall attenuation with the hip belt you choose.

In addition to the area of use, the duration of use also plays a major role. If you are working at height for a long time, for example on a roof, you should pay attention to comfort and ergonomics. This can be achieved, for example, with the professional 2-point harness with quick-release buckle. When wearing a harness for a long time, it is best to use a fall arrest harness with elastic straps and a particularly wide back pad. You should also make sure that the waist belt fits your weight. At Arbeitsbedarf24.de you will find fall protection products such as the CLIMAX Atlas Plus harness which can support a body weight of up to 140 kg.

These products you need for ideal fall protection

Our range of fall protection products includes various fall harnesses for different requirements,

Buy safety harnesses at Arbeitsbedarf24

Fall arrest harnesses are particularly light and therefore comfortable to wear. They provide you with sufficient freedom of movement during your work. We also have sit harnesses in our range, which allow you to work comfortably in a sitting-hanging position thanks to extra wide straps and padding.

Fall protection harnesses, which are part of the personal protective equipment (PPE), often have a second attachment point at the back so that the safety material does not hinder you. Via the second anchor point, you are optimally positioned at your various anchor points. Our harnesses comply with the European standard EN 358, as they meet the requirements for both fall protection and safe positioning.

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