Professional and secure fastening technology...


Here you will find everything for tying and fixing cables or other objects, connecting hoses, stapling objects and hot gluing. Cable ties, hose clamps, hand tacker, hot glue guns, but also winches, chain hoists and much more we offer at this point in our store.

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Professional and secure fastening technology

The demands on high-quality fastening technology are great: the resulting connection must sometimes reliably withstand great forces over a long period of time. There are various solutions for this, such as screws, hose clamps, cable ties, blind rivets, wire rope clips, ring eyelets, carabiners, screw caps, dowels or shackles. No matter which one you want to use, the fastening technology must always meet two requirements: A secure connection that should be easy to make. The second requirement is especially important for an efficient way of working, because the fewer handles are necessary, the moare popular the fastening technology. With us you will find high-quality solutions for fastening a wide variety of parts and materials, clearly sorted and easy to find. Simply order your fastening technology online.

The right screw, eyelet or blind rivet for your project

The quality of the parts used is crucial for a secure connection. Articles in our range are made of high-quality materials and of tested workmanship. If you fasten something, no matter how, you must be able to rely on it holding. That's why you can only buy quality fastening technology from us that more than meets professional requirements. Always pay attention to the manufacturer's specifications so that you use suitable products for high loads. To ensure that even large forces can be handled, the right clamp or screw must always be used, otherwise unnecessary chain reactions can occur. The following applies to fastening technology: Every construction is only as strong as its weakest link. So always use the right variant, screw or clamp, even for the smallest part, and pay attention to quality.

Order fastening technology online at Arbeitsbedarf24. Thanks to the search function and filter options, you don't have to search tediously in long aisles in specialist shops, but can conveniently put all the parts you need in your online shopping Basket.