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Fun gardening is especially with the right garden tools. In our range you will find a wide selection of products from the quality brand Fiskars. Many things simply go better by hand when you can work the soil with a Fiskars spade, remove the weeds with the Fiskars weeder and split your own firewood in the forest or in the yard with the Fiskars axe. When you purchase these high-quality products from Fiskars, you won't want anything else. They are pleasant to use and make your work easier.

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Products from Fiskars for working in the garden

To ensure that work in the garden can be done quickly, effortlessly and safely, the use of high-quality tools is essential. The activities there often demand a lot from the tools, so it is imperative that they fulfil certain important properties. The Fiskars garden tools available in our online shop have been selected by us on the basis of strict criteria. Increase your comfort during gardening and raise your work level to a new level with the top products from Fiskars.

To give you a detailed all-round view before you buy, we have prepared a guide to spades, gardening spades, shovels, axes, secateurs and more. Here we specifically address the following points:

  • What kind of work can the Fiskars gardening tools handle?
  • What is the quality of implementation?
  • Are Fiskars products suitable for both private and professional use?

Fiskars tools - the right solution for every task

The garden is a place where many different work tasks come together. No two are alike, which means that each activity requires a tool specially designed for that purpose. If you want to buy Fiskars garden tools online, our shop is the ideal place to go. Here you will find all the tools that are important for getting the job done quickly, straight from one source.

See below the items from Fiskars that you can buy in our online shop as well as the purposes for which they are used:

  • Fiskars pruning shears for various wood cutting jobs.
  • Fiskars lopping shears / Fiskars gear lopping shears for pruning work on various branches
  • Fiskars hand saw / hacksaw for cutting logs, thicker branches etc.
  • Fiskars spade / flat spade / pointed spade for various ground works
  • Fiskars shovel for various ground works
  • Fiskars spade fork for digging around the ground
  • Fiskars weeder for removing weeds from the ground
  • Fiskars hedge trimmer for pruning and trimming hedges and bushes
  • Fiskars leisure axe for breaking up and cutting through various materials
  • Fiskars universal axe / splitting axe for breaking up and cutting through various materials
  • Fiskars machete for limbing plants, removing bark, etc.
  • Fiskars splitting hammer for splitting tree trunks and cutting off longer branches

Rely on a first-class portfolio of reliable, durable and powerful tools from Fiskars.

The high-quality articles of the company Fiskars

Our highest endeavour is always to offer you products that are consistently of high quality. In the field of gardening, the Fiskars company is one of the absolute pioneers. This is the reason why we have included the numerous articles of the company in our assortment and can warmly recommend them to you. No matter whether you are looking for a Fiskars spade or gardener's spade or rather want to buy shovel, point, axe and secateurs from Fiskars online: You can always enjoy the assurance that your qualitative requirements will be met.

An excellent choice for professional as well as private purposes

Not only hobby gardeners can benefit from the fantastic product features of the Fiskars company. Spade, shovel, pick and co. can be used for private as well as professional tasks without any problems. The possible uses are wide-ranging and extend beyond pure use in the garden. No matter whether in gardening and landscaping, in the nursery, when growing crops in the field or on the construction site! The hard-wearing tools convince all along the line and come up trumps with their versatile nature.
You can read about the first gardening jobs of the year and what to get your hands on here in our blog entry.

More great products that are useful for gardening

Products like spades, gardening spades, shovels, picks and co. are helpful during gardening. Our range therefore has many more to offer, so that you can find the right solution for all usage scenarios. Please also have a look at our categories saws, shears, hoses, connections, car drums as well as showers and sprinklers. But our garden range offers much more. Are you also looking for high-quality shoes and rubber boots, protective covers, taps, pressure sprayers or other garden power tools? With us you get all the tools that are important for your work outdoors.

FAQ - Fiskars garden tools

The most important points about our range at a glance

Do you have any unanswered questions about garden tools before you buy Fiskars products online? In the following FAQ section we have covered the most important questions to make your buying experience even more positive.

What is behind the term Fiskars Solid?

Fiskars has made it its business to provide a powerful portfolio of different tools for all gardening tasks. Accordingly, under the term "Fiskars Solid" you will find reliable and well-engineered products such as shovels, gardening spades, knives, hatchets, forks and much more, which will make your work on site easier. No matter whether you are working stony soils, digging in rocky soils or taking care of the lawn and the plants - the tasks are easy thanks to the smart tools.

What material is used during the manufacture of Fiskars secateurs?

So that you are armed against all challenges during gardening, only resistant materials are used by the Fiskars brand. Most secateurs are made of hardened precision steel. This is considered to be extremely valuable and durable, so that you can always do your work cleanly.

Are there certain mechanisms in the geared pruning shears that make the work easier?

Yes, Fiskars specifically uses the two patented high-performance technologies "PowerGear" and "PowerGear II". These enable you to carry out cutting work more easily during use. The use of force is much less, so you can save energy with this great feature.

Is ergonomic operation guaranteed with Fiskars tools?

Fiskars tools are known for their highly ergonomic shape and design. This can be seen from various points. For example, the spades usually come with a D-handle, which in turn guarantees great handling. An optimal working height is also important, so Fiskars has perfectly adjusted the range in this respect. The holding surfaces, such as the handle, shaft and the like, are usually rubberised or treated in such a way that nothing stands in the way of safe handling. All tools have been designed by the experienced manufacturer in such a way that the body is permanently protected during use.

Is the price of a Fiskars garden tool reasonable?

Fiskars always ensures that the price of its garden products remains fair. Anvil garden shears, spades, points, handles and co. all come up trumps with a first-class price-performance ratio. The items are durable and hard-wearing, so they will serve you excellently for a long time.