Here you will find garden supplies and garden...

Garden tools

Attention gardening enthusiasts: With the right equipment, gardening is even more fun. With us you will find gardening supplies for all tasks that arise in the garden year. You want to prune shrubs, saw off branches or dig up the beds? No problem.

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Here you will find garden supplies and garden accessories

In the gardening supplies category you will find garden hoses with the appropriate connections and hose reels for watering, garden shears, saws, various gardening tools and also practical clothing, such as rubber boots. Plan your upcoming gardening work now and order the right gardening supplies online. Here you will find practical garden accessories for every upcoming job.

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Quality gardening supplies for professionals and hobby gardeners

The right tools and suitable garden accessories will help you with your work. Anyone who is regularly active in the garden knows how important good gardening tools, high-quality gardening equipment and also many small things are. With a good pair of garden shears, bushes can be pruned in a few minutes, whereas with a pair of blunt shears it quickly becomes time-consuming and also the fun of the work is lost. Planting is also much easier with a bulb planter. With a functioning system of garden hose, sprayer and trolley to reel the hose, watering is easy. This makes gardening fun. At Arbeitsbedarf24 you can conveniently order gardening supplies online and get the highest quality that even professionals use.

Garden tools you can rely on for a long time

With a little care, you can enjoy a high-quality garden spade for decades. Gardening supplies can therefore be an investment for the whole of your gardening life. When it comes to good tools, garden accessories and gardening equipment, it's better to buy the right ones once instead of buying new ones every year. We offer high-quality gardening supplies at fair prices, and you can order all items from the comfort of your own home. Even pruning shears and loppers only serve their purpose if they are sharp enough and the mechanical parts function correctly. With the right pruning shears, you save yourself a lot of work, because they also cut through somewhat thicker branches without much effort.

We carry the complete Fiskars gardening supplies range, such as various geared lopping shears or the Fiskars PowerStep pruning shears. With these professional tools, you can perform the respective gardening tasks faster and more effectively. Gardening enthusiasts will have a lot of fun in the garden with them.

We will also be happy to advise you on the special products in the garden accessories section, just contact us by mail or phone. Do you have any questions about shipping or payment methods? Our FAQ section may be able to help you.

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