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Whether pure eye protection or protection of the entire field of vision - at Arbeitsbedarf24 you get face protection products for mechanical, chemical and optical influences. In addition to single glasses and foldable face protection, you can also get combination products, e.g. from hearing protection and Visor.

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Face protection - optimum combination of unobstructed vision, wearing comfort and safety

Protective eyewear ensures that many people can go about their daily lives more safely when performing certain private and/or professional tasks. Roughly speaking, the numerous types can be divided into two main categories:

  • face protection
  • eye protection

While a face shield or visor ensures that all areas of the face are protected, eye protection only shields the eyes and sometimes also the surrounding eye area. In countless environments, a safe stay would be unthinkable if one could not ensure the protection of the facial areas in advance. The hazards include:

  • Chemical Hazards
  • Mechanical Hazards
  • Thermal Hazards
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Biological hazards
  • Optical hazards

Chemical hazards may include acids, solutions or certain vapours. Mechanical hazards include foreign bodies, such as dust and small particles, and puncture injuries. Cold and heat, on the other hand, are among the most threatening thermal hazards, while electric arcs belong to the electrical hazards. Bacteria and spores are among the biological hazards, and laser and UV rays are among the optical hazards.

Depending on the type, the available goggles protect against other hazards. So each person can buy the perfect safety glasses or face visor for their tasks or occupational environments.

Who needs safety glasses?

Occupational safety glasses and visors are worn by many individuals and workers on a daily basis. Either because people want to protect themselves voluntarily, or because they are legally obliged to do so when performing certain professions. Face or eye protection is worn by, among others:

  • Soldiers
  • researchers/scientists
  • craftsmen / technicians
  • Auxiliaries
  • medics
  • gardeners

While for soldiers, among other things, goggles with splinter protection can be important, a technician has to protect himself from the electric arc during welding from time to time. Gardeners and foresters, on the other hand, often have to contend with mechanical hazards, but also need first-class UV protection because they spend so much time in the fresh air. Even private individuals who just go to the solarium or work in their hobby cellar at home often need such protection. Thanks to the large selection of protective visors and goggles, everyone can find the right solution for them.

How are safety goggles labelled?

The DIN EN 166 standard stipulates that safety goggles of all kinds must be labelled as such. Numbers and letters on the goggles provide information about:

  • protection Level
  • manufacturer's mark
  • Optical class
  • Mechanical strength
  • conformity mark
  • DIN test mark
  • fogging resistance
  • Scratch resistance

We have already summarised further information on DIN EN 166 and the individual markings in a blog post in the past.

Can people who wear glasses also wear safety glasses?

Of course, people who are dependent on sight glasses can also benefit from the advantages of safety glasses. However, in order to ensure that vision can continue to be maintained, over-glasses are used in this case, which are then simply worn over the actual vision goggles. In this way, the visual acuity can still be maintained.

Over-glasses deliberately have a somewhat more generous cut so that there is still enough room for the glasses underneath. In terms of quality, they are in exactly the same league as conventional safety goggles. They also meet the relevant standards according to DIN EN 166, so that you do not have to fear any loss of quality with safety glasses for spectacle wearers.

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