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When it comes to processing or perfecting a surface, you can achieve a lot with its processing. Depending on the nature of this surface, you can give it a different shape by planing it or by sanding or polishing it. There are no limits to your wishes. In our online store you will find everything you need for this. The selection of the various machines is large, as well as the appropriate hand tools for planing, grinding and polishing. You can also order accessories and attachments for your equipment easily and conveniently online here.

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For many professions, both grinding machines and polishing machines are important electrical aids that are indispensable in everyday life, even if they are used in other areas. A grinding machine is a device that is used exclusively in the industrial sector. Grinders, on the other hand, are compact sanding machines that can be used optimally in everyday work due to their handy dimensions. They are also extremely advantageous for private use. Components, surfaces and workpieces can be processed safely and to a high standard with the various types. Depending on the material you want to work on, you can fall back on special types. This means that you always have the right sander for wood, lacquer, metal, plastic, glass and the like.

The polishing machine, on the other hand, is usually only used after the work with the sander has been completed. After the rough surface has been removed, this machine is now used for fine polishing. The drive is mostly electric. Since metals and stones can be polished particularly well, the machine is usually used on these materials. The polishing machine is also known as a polishing stand.

Which grinding machines are there?

The word "grinding machine" is merely the generic term for a variety of different devices that can be used to process different materials. The most commonly used types are:
-flat grinding machines
-Cylindrical grinding machines
-centreless grinding machines
-tool grinding machines

Depending on whether you want to machine a flat surface, round workpieces and components or tools, there are different high-quality solutions available in the industrial sector.

Which grinding machines are available?

Grinders are those grinding machines that are not only seen in the industrial sector. They are clearly the more common and well-known devices, as many workers take them with them to the work site every day. Among the best known sanders are:
-eccentric sanders / eccentrics
-Orbital sander
-delta grinder
-angle grinder
-Belt sander

The eccentric sander is mainly used when surfaces of flat or curved nature have to be finely sanded. Metal, plastic, glass, wood and many other materials can be processed with this tool. Due to the mix of rotary and oscillating movements, you can achieve particularly precise and fine results with the random orbital sander.

The orbital sander or cordless orbital sander is named after the square orbital plate. This makes small, round movements, which in turn are excellent for sanding large wooden surfaces. The smaller version of an orbital sander is called a delta sander. The only distinguishing feature is the triangular shape, which makes it possible to work neatly in corners and at angles.

The angle grinder, on the other hand, is a tool that can not only grind but also cut through workpieces. The device is also called Flex, although this was originally only the name of a company that offered the very first angle grinder in 1935. This subsequently became so popular that the name "Flex" became a synonym. Other names include cut-off grinder, cut-off witch and grinding witch.

With belt sanders, on the other hand, you can already tell from the name how the device is constructed. An abrasive belt is driven by a total of two rollers, which are divided into a guide roller and a drive roller. During start-up, the sanding belt passes over a pressure plate. This later exerts pressure on the workpiece to be sanded. Belt sanders are often used for large surfaces. Wood, metal, iron, steel and plastic can be processed with this tool.

Is a planer also suitable for sanding?

A planer is one of those tools that can also be used to remove material. Rough surfaces are to be turned into smooth ones, so it is perfectly permissible to use it in the upper category of "sanding". However, the planer is only used to work on wooden surfaces. Hand-operated tools are usually made of wood or metal. Electric planes, however, tend to consist of a plastic housing under which the technology is located. An electric planer or a planing machine can be used excellently, especially for professional purposes, as the physical effort is low and thus large projects can be completed.

Which polishing machines are among the most popular?


Polishing machines can initially be divided into two camps - rotary machines and eccentric polishing machines. While the polishing pad of a rotary polisher rotates counterclockwise, an eccentric polisher is operated in an orbital motion.

This is why the first type of polisher is primarily used to quickly remove paint, which is why painters and varnishers often have them with them. Scratches can also be removed superbly in this way. The eccentric polisher removes much less paint, which is why it is perfect for gentle touch-up work. The more restrained overall style is extremely popular with beginners. No great amount of experience is necessary to use this polisher safely.

What accessories are particularly important for sanding?

It is not only the right sander that is important. Rather, the accessories also determine whether the result is ultimately satisfactory or not. The additional parts should therefore also be chosen carefully so that the tasks at hand can be completed safely and to a high standard. Depending on the work to be done, different sanding accessories are needed. The most important parts include:
-sanding disc
-sanding paper / sanding belt
-grinding wheel

A sanding disc is mainly attached to concrete grinders and plaster cutters. It can be used to remove mineral substrates as well as old coatings.

Sandpaper or sanding belts, on the other hand, are used for wood. While almost everyone is familiar with sandpaper for manual sanding, the sanding belt is the upgraded version that can be clamped inside a belt sander. The grit, length and width can be of different types.

A sanding disc, in turn, is a rotationally symmetrical body that has a grained texture. Thanks to the centrally located hole, the disc can be easily attached to a grinding machine. The high peripheral speeds generated during use are ideal for working on metal, glass, wood and the like.

What accessories are absolutely necessary for polishing?

Even when polishing, you should not forget the accessories. Good accessories are also enormously important here in order to achieve good results. Polishing discs and polishing pads are particularly important accessories. The parts are available in different thread sizes and can be easily fitted to the appropriate polishing machine. Some backing pads are also equipped with Velcro. High-gloss cleaning and maintenance work can be carried out quickly and precisely with the parts.

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