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Hearing protection

With the right hearing protection, your ear is well armed against noise of various kinds. Whether for private or commercial use, our range has the ideal hearing protection for your Needs.

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Professional hearing protection

In our assortment we have different variants to protect your hearing. Earplugs with a bracket, hearing protection plugs and also construction helmets that have both hearing and face protection. Benefit from safe quality for your health.

Headphones, ear plugs and construction helmets for your hearing protection at work

The ergonomically shaped earpieces of the headphones provide you with increased wearing comfort, especially during longer activities. Choose a high-quality earmuff with an appropriate attenuation value. In various colours and designs, your new hearing protection is waiting to be used in the workshop at home or at work. A construction helmet with appropriate face and hearing protection is a constant companion in forestry, for example. These models even offer enough space to attach your own logo. Of course, all our hearing protection products are subject to a tested safety standard.
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Effective protection and high wearing comfort

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance, it is the employer's responsibility to provide the necessary hearing protection in work environments that exceed a certain noise level. In many areas, the noise level can not only affect your hearing, but also be an additional stress trigger. Permanent noise can lead to permanent hearing damage in the long run. Protect yourself, especially when working in industrial environments. Our range of hearing protectors includes the right variant for you, so that you can carry out your work safely and without consequential damage! Remember: Noise becomes critical for your ears above 80 dB or 85 dB.

Even slight annoyances caused by noise, for example in workshops, can damage your ear. In many situations, hearing protection is essential at work, such as at airports, in heavy industry, construction or woodworking. But protection against noise is also mandatory in hunting and shooting sports as well as in the Military.