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If the temperature is not right, the work is less easy. For this, our handy heaters and infrared heaters are a practical solution. These can be conveniently transported and quickly plugged into a power outlet to heat your workshop or workspace.

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Warm up workrooms, workshops and other areas with radiant heaters & fan heaters from Arbeitsbedarf24.



Radiant heaters and fan heaters bring warmth into a room within a very short time and can be flexibly transported compared to a heater that is permanently installed in a room. Even where there is no other heating option, the transportable heaters are a wonderful way to be or work in the warm. There are various types available on the market, but they can be divided into two basic categories:

-electric heaters
-gas heaters

Radiant heaters and fan heaters belong to the electric heaters. Radiant heaters are also always infrared heaters, as they are operated using infrared technology. Fan heaters, on the other hand, work with the help of a built-in fan that draws in cold air and releases it back into the room after it has heated up inside. Gas radiant heaters, on the other hand, run on natural or propane gas.

All variants are widely used and enjoy widespread popularity, with electric heaters clearly being the less complicated, more modern as well as safer options. However, each type has certain advantages and disadvantages that should be known in advance of a purchase. As a rule, the area of use also determines which device is the wiser choice. Either way, they all give off a cosy warmth within a very short time.




How does an infrared radiant heater work?


Infrared technology can be excellently illustrated with examples from everyday life. The resulting infrared heat, which is also known as "radiant heat", is already familiar to all of us from the sun. Not only can you heat up your own body super, objects and buildings also benefit from it. For example, if you are working on a building site on a cloudless, sunny winter day, you will still be warm thanks to the sun, even if the temperature is below zero, because it is direct heat.

With gas heating, comparatively speaking, the water in the pipes inside must first be heated up. The heated pipes then release the heat into the air. However, as quickly as the heated air rises, it also falls again during the cooling process until it finally reaches the floor. Once there, it is heated again and the cycle starts all over again. Not only does this process raise a lot of dust, it also increases the dryness of the air.

A radiant heater takes a different approach here. Directly and precisely, the infrared radiant heater is able to emit the heat exactly where it is really needed. The air is not stirred up, yet a pleasant warmth reaches the body and the temperature rises quickly in the surroundings.



Where can infrared heaters be used everywhere?


Most electric radiant heaters or infrared heaters have a carrying handle, which already shows that they have been specially designed for quick, uncomplicated transport. They are convincing both indoors and outdoors. No matter whether you need a heating element for the workshop or a seating area in the garden - pleasant temperatures can be ensured at any time thanks to the electric heaters.



Fan heater - what is it?


After the cold ambient air has been led into the interior of the fan heater, it flows past the heated wires located on the heating element. The built-in fan then evenly releases the heated air back into the room. Many models also have a thermostat that monitors the room air. When the previously individually set temperature is reached, the unit switches off automatically thanks to this function. Effectively and safely, you always have a device at hand that reliably emits warm air.



What does "convector heating" mean?


Convector heating also belongs to the category of electric radiant heaters, although it has a different mode of operation compared to an infrared radiant heater. As the name suggests, direct heating is operated by convection. The heated air is distributed in the room by means of flow movements. The special design of the convector heater is what makes these flow movements possible in the first place. The buoyancy shaft hidden inside the unit also contributes to this.

Convector heaters are mostly used as supplementary heaters, as the flat and light-footed design invites this. They are used, for example, in garages, conservatories or garden sheds. Many models are also equipped with castors on the feet to make repositioning even easier.



How does a gas heater generate heat?


Depending on the model, the gas heater is operated either with natural gas or propane gas, the latter option being by far the more common. The burner installed inside generates a flame during use, which in turn emits the resulting heat to a radiating element. Finally, radiant heat is emitted via a reflector. A gas radiant heater may only be used in the open air, as the risk of poisoning and fire would be too high indoors.



How can fan heaters, gas heaters and co. be fixed?


Regardless of the type, there are many different mounting methods on the market. The most common are:
-Stand foot
-Wall mounting
-ceiling mounting

While some models can be transported flexibly and taken to different locations, others are intended for permanent use at a specific location. Depending on the purpose of use, you have enough options to adjust your purchase in advance.



How safe are heaters?


The safety level of fixed and mobile heaters is very high, which also explains why they are so often used. Depending on the model, the devices that you can buy at Arbeitsbedarf24.de have, for example, the protection classes IP24, IP44 and IP65. Here, you are guaranteed protection against dust ingress, water jets, splash water from all sides or solid foreign bodies with a size of more than 1 mm. This also qualifies the heaters for use in the workplace.


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