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Protective gloves are among the important work utensils for children and young people who like to help at home with work or in the garden.
Here you will find age-appropriate gloves for more safety.

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Work gloves for children

Durable, reliable protection for the little ones

It is not only the hands of adults that should be protected during certain types of work. Even if the little ones are not exposed to the very high stresses and strains that are common on construction sites or other places where craftsmen work, their hands in particular should still be protected against various impacts. At a young age, many hand movements are not yet as routine as they are for adults. It is therefore all the more important that the little helpers are provided with high-quality protection when they are helping out with gardening or other work. Work gloves for children protect the hands from numerous dangers during work, so that the safety level reaches an excellent level.

Work gloves for children - beneficial in many areas

Strenuous and demanding work, make the use of work gloves an important issue in the adult world. In the case of children and young people, occupational use usually falls away due to their age, but this does not mean that high quality work gloves for children are not necessary. In fact, there are numerous scenarios in which the little ones can make excellent use of the protective work utensils. Here, we are talking specifically about use for private purposes.

Whether it's mowing the lawn, carrying paving stones, planting flowers, digging up soil, sawing wood or carrying away rubble - there are many situations in which children and young people can and consciously want to help with the work at home. To ensure that the work together with dad and mum goes without painful complications, wearing children's gloves is the be-all and end-all.

Age-appropriate protective gloves for more safety

It could be fatal to give the little ones adult gloves on loan for work, as these have not been adapted in any way to the requirements of their age. The risk of the children "swimming" or "sinking" in the protective gloves would be too great. In the worst case, this would have the consequence that, for example, a shovel could not be held properly and one would slip away dangerously during the execution of the work. Pinching would also be conceivable if the fingertips gave too much space and you got stuck in one place because of this. In addition, painful calluses and blisters can appear on the hands because the abrasion on the material is too strong.

Work gloves for children significantly reduce the risk during work. Since different sizes can be purchased, this ensures that one can customise the purchase to the child's requirements. The strong material, specially adapted to the rough working environment, protects children's hands permanently. Safe gripping is possible at all times. Ergonomic aspects are already considered at a young age so that work can be carried out with peace of mind.

High demands on the material

To ensure that every grip fits and the child's safety level remains constantly high, it is important to rely on a material that meets these high demands. Working gloves for children are therefore designed in such a way that the buyer receives an all-round carefree package.

The materials used can withstand impacts, abrasion and many other influences. High tear resistance ensures that the purchased item can be used for a long time. A great grip feeling and a fit that is perfectly adapted to the child's hand round off the profile. Various standards also certify officially that important safety-relevant points have been tested and passed.

Other great products to go with children's work gloves

Thanks to our first-class work gloves for children, the hands of your little, hard-working helpers will remain unharmed at all times. Take a look at other highlights in our online shop that are also excellent for demanding work assignments. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for work equipment such as work clothing, work shoes, gloves and respirators, or for barrier tapes or welding supplies. You can get all the products you need directly from one source on our Website.

FAQ - Work gloves for children

The most important points about our range at a glance

Do you still have questions about our work gloves for children? Make your purchase even safer and take a look at our FAQ section below. We will answer the most important questions about our range step by step. Get valuable information and find the ideal children's gloves.

What material is used for the work gloves?

Our work gloves for children are made of high-quality materials that enable safe working without painful or dangerous incidents. Among other things, we use knitted polyester fabric with a latex coating. The rough surface texture ensures great handling during wear. The hands can be permanently protected from mechanical impacts so that house and garden work can be done comfortably.

What features make the gloves for kids so special?

The children's protective gloves in our shop come up trumps with their high quality implementation, which can be seen in the following points, among others:

  • Rough coating / texture
  • High tear resistance
  • Perfect fit
  • Poor linting
  • High cut resistance
  • Comfortable tactile feel
  • Fantastic hold
  • High resistance / durability
  • Excellent breathability

Don't compromise and go for a product that has all the safety features in it.

In which sizes are the work gloves for children available?

Only a work glove that is perfectly adapted to the size of the respective hand can ensure that the little ones are permanently protected during work and have an excellent grip. For this reason, we have set up our range so that many different sizes are available. While size 2 is the smallest children's glove size in our stock, size 6 is the maximum. Depending on the model, the range of available sizes in this area may be smaller.

Below you will find our recommended size specifications:

Recommended size guide                                                             Age

Size 2                                                                                            3-4 years

Size 3                                                                                             5-6 years

Size 4                                                                                             7-8 years

Size 5                                                                                             9-10 years

Size 6                                                                                            11-12 years

Do the work gloves for children meet important standards?

Yes, all our children's gloves have been certified and comply with the EN 388 and EN 420 standards. We have summarised the most important information about the two standards below:

  • EN388: DIN EN 388 is a standard that is valid in Europe and applies to protective gloves against mechanical risks. The gloves are tested in a total of 6 different areas - abrasion resistance, cut resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance, cut resistance and optionally protection against impacts.
  • EN420: DIN EN 420 defines the general requirements and test methods for protective gloves. The main aim here is to test whether the material, fabrics, seams and also edges or other areas of the protective glove that come into contact with the person while wearing them have any negative effects on health.

Can the gloves be worn by both girls and boys?

The work gloves for children that we offer have been specially selected by us so that both girls and boys can wear them perfectly. With the help of our size chart in the product description and the age information "from - to", it can be ensured that the protective articles will fit perfectly. The careful production method also ensures a first-class fit.

Can the children's work gloves be worn in any weather?

The material used for the children's work gloves allows them to be used in both summer and winter. However, the perception of cold varies from person to person, so it is important to check whether the thermal properties are still sufficient, especially in winter, as this is also important for safe working.

In hot temperatures, on the other hand, the material comes up trumps with its great vapour permeability. Thanks to the high breathability, perspiration can escape easily, which in turn is also conducive to wearing comfort and work safety.

How much do the children's work gloves at Arbeitsbedarf24 cost?

Good quality at affordable prices! With us, you get resistant and durable protective gloves for kids, which can still stand out from the crowd with an attractive price. From as little as €1.29 per pair, you can purchase our children's gloves in our online shop.