Knee protectors - the comfortable padding...

Knee protection

Discover our various functional and stylish knee protector models. In our offer you will find different knee protectors designs for tilers, gel knee pads that on the one hand protect your knee, but on the other hand also provide a more comfortable work.

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Knee protectors - the comfortable padding

Whether you are a tiler, gardener or sportsman: knee protectors are often a must. In terms of current occupational safety regulations, our products in this area naturally comply with the applicable EN14404 standard. Ensure maximum safety with your personal protective equipment: privately and professionally. Please also have a look at our blog.

Knee protection for work or professional sports

In terms of occupational safety and your health, it is important to avoid injuries such as abrasions and painful bruises. Especially working on hard floors requires the use of suitable knee pads or knee cushions to protect your joints permanently. A flexible Velcro fastener ensures that the knee pads fit snugly. If the knee pads also compensate for slight unevenness in the floor, even prolonged work on the knees is easier to manage.

For professional athletes, for example when cycling or roller skating, safety always comes first. Comfortable knee protection is also a practical accessory for recreational athletes. Falls are not uncommon when inline skating, for example. If you protect yourself in advance, you can prevent worse injuries.

The right material for your knee pads

Knee pads made of soft foam and an outer shell of hard rubber ensure optimal pressure distribution of the knee pads. For this, at least the kneecap and the tibial tuberosity must be covered. Meniscus damage and chronic diseases of the bursa are not uncommon if the knees are not adequately protected.

Do you need help choosing the right knee pads or have questions about your order? Then feel free to contact our Service Hotline on 030 - 405 313 10 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.

We offer knee pads with a gel cushion, knee protectors or even knee pads, depending on your needs and requirements in optimal fit and fastening for effective pressure relief.