Latex gloves 

 Many jobs should or even must...


We have the right glove for every need! Protected work for your hands, with our range of rubber gloves and latex work gloves.

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Latex gloves

Many jobs should or even must not be carried out with the bare hand. Latex gloves are therefore a variant to continue working well protected. We have the right work glove for every need!

Rubber gloves

They are light, stretchy and comfortable: rubber gloves made of latex. To make it easier to put on and take off, our latex gloves are additionally lined with cotton dust on the inside. This also absorbs perspiration and ensures a pleasant feeling when worn. This way, you are prepared for all work in the household, such as cleaning, but also in industry. Our rubber gloves made of latex are suitable for food and resistant to many chemicals. We offer them in sizes S to XL.

Work gloves

These latex gloves are much more robust. They are either made of polyester or knitted and coated with latex in different sizes. The very breathable polyester version of the work gloves is particularly suitable for professional work that requires a high tactile sensitivity.

The knitted version, on the other hand, is extremely hard-wearing and has a really good grip thanks to the porous latex surface. This makes this work glove popular for jobs in warehouses, transport and assembly or in the construction industry. These gloves are available in sizes 8 to 11, and we also stock many models from size 7.