Leather gloves 

 Whether made of cowhide,...


If you want to buy warm work gloves, then you are right in our offer of leather gloves. In addition, our range also includes thinner work gloves made of leather or with parts made of leather. Because leather has unbeatable properties and is well suited to protect the hands at work. You with us quickly and comfortably buy protective gloves in different variants and equipment: lined, inside with fleece, unlined, industrial quality, with and without cuff, heat-resistant, breathable, durable, cold insulating and much more.

In our online store you will find work gloves made of different types of leather: artificial leather, pigskin, goat, lamb, cowhide, as well as smooth and suede. Here you will find a wide selection for different work areas and professions. We have thought not only about activities for construction work or in the cold, but also about work gloves for welding and beekeeper gloves.

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Leather gloves

Whether made of cowhide, goatskin or lambskin leather gloves are great and durable components of workwear. Our range has many different varieties!

The good qualities

Leather is popular with many people because, as a natural material, it feels very comfortable to wear, yet is robust and durable. Especially when the palm of a glove is made from only one piece of leather, it has great slip and abrasion resistance. In other words: the tools lie securely in your hand!

Leather gloves for summer and winter

People tend to wear gloves in icy cold weather, but not in the hottest weather. However, leather is a special material that is both breathable and insulating. Summer work gloves made of leather are usually supplemented with a mesh fabric that provides particularly good ventilation.

Leather gloves in winter, on the other hand, often have an additional inner lining made of fleece, for example. Stretchy cuffs are generally good because they prevent dirt and sand from getting in, but in winter they also provide extra protection against wind and snow.

Areas of application for leather gloves

Our leather gloves can be used for all areas of the trade, both in the private and professional sphere. This means they are suitable for construction, the timber and road industry, transport and warehousing as well as agriculture and forestry.

For the professional group of welders we have special gloves with a length of 35 cm. They are flame retardant and made of heat resistant Kevlar thread. The palm of the glove is made from a single piece of leather, so you have greater stability and abrasion resistance.

If you want to learn more about leather gloves, you can read about this and many other topics on our blog. Browse our entire range of work gloves here.