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Precise measuring for best results.
Here you will find high-precision measuring instruments, such as spirit levels, laser rangefinders, rolling tape measures or angle rulers. Accurate work requires millimeter-precise preparation. With the right measuring tool you are prepared for any kind of work.

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The right measuring device and measuring tool for your project

Are you looking for high-quality measuring equipment to be able to work error-free and precisely? With us you can find the right measuring tool and conveniently supplement your equipment online. In addition to purely mechanical measuring tools, electronic measuring tools, such as laser rangefinders, are also being used more and more. No matter whether you are laying tiles or doing interior work: you cannot work without precise measuring. Use high-precision measuring technology and avoid inaccuracies even before the actual work begins. We offer measuring devices for professionals and hobby craftsmen.

The spirit level - a proven classic in measuring technology

Modern spirit levels are usually made of aluminium and plastic and are therefore particularly light and stable. With different lengths, everyone can find the right spirit level for their work. Spirit levels for professional use should have a measuring accuracy of maximum 1 millimetre / metre. To check the horizontal or vertical position, such measuring instruments have a so-called spirit level (Latin for "small scale"), an air bubble in a glass tube. Most spirit levels have two or even three vials with which the exact position can be measured at any time.

State-of-the-art measuring technology for everyone: laser rangefinders

With a laser rangefinder, you can easily and accurately measure distances, add and subtract or even take indirect measurements. Use a modern measuring device and save yourself inaccurate and time-consuming measurements by hand. The laser rangefinder can also be used as a spirit level. In construction, for distance, area or volume measurement, laser measuring devices are the fastest and easiest way to measure as precisely as possible.

In addition, of course, we also carry classic measuring devices and measuring technology, such as the roller tape measure. With it, you can measure quickly and easily in the twinkling of an eye and it fits into every pair of work trousers. Depending on the place of use and purpose, it is always advisable to have several measuring devices to choose from.