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Safety shoes completely without metal are universal, lightweight and flexible. Reliable and temperature neutral toe protection, optimal for outdoor work.

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Buy metal-free safety shoes & work shoes

Metal-free footwear is manufactured during the production process to be either completely or almost completely metal-free. On the market, a distinction is made accordingly between metal-free and 100% metal-free work safety shoes. These shoes cannot be detected by detectors, but have a small amount of metal in the midsole. 100% metal-free models, on the other hand, are completely free of metal. Shoes of this type are often even legally required to be worn by workers in order to protect themselves from hazards in the workplace.

In order to ensure stability, safety and a high level of wearer comfort, starting with the protective toe cap and extending to the soling of the lightweight safety shoes, other lightweight materials are used as substitutes, such as, among others:

  • plastic
  • Kevlar
  • fibreglass

In addition to safety-related reasons, work safety shoes are also manufactured metal-free, among other things, to make the wearing experience more flexible, softer and more comfortable. The metal-free penetration protection of such models then extends to the edge of the inner sole, which would not be possible with a version made of steel.

Such safety shoes are indispensable, especially in professions where one has to strictly protect oneself from electrical hazards, as the electricity cannot be transmitted in this way in case of an emergency. But also in extremely cold or warm working environments, you score with such footwear, because the metal-free type provides better insulation.

What are the characteristics of metal-free safety shoes?

The popular work safety shoes with protective toe caps and anti-puncture professional soles are produced in different types so that everyone can purchase the right variant for their requirements. Despite numerous different options, however, many features can also be attributed across models. Shoes of this type are usually:

  • Lightweight
  • breathable
  • Permeable
  • Highly ergonomic
  • Waterproof
  • Non-slip
  • Shock absorbing
  • Antistatic
  • Resilient

Many are also oil and acid resistant and can withstand extremely high voltages.

In which classes can the metal-free and lightweight work shoes be purchased?

As is already known from many work safety shoes, metal-free models are also produced in different safety classes. Among the best known and most sought-after are:

Safety class S1 shoes, for example, comply with the DIN EN 20345 standard and have slip-resistant, shock-absorbing and antistatic properties. In addition, they always have a closed heel area. The sole is also fuel-resistant.

Each class can thus score with different advantages. In this way, every worker can find lightweight safety shoes for him or herself and fulfil safety-relevant requirements during working hours down to the smallest detail. In our online shop, you can also buy numerous lightweight work shoes with no or very low metal content in any safety classes. Sporty safety shoes are just as much a part of our range as more classic models.

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