Gloves: Nub gloves 

 Working can be...


Work gloves with nubs and protective gloves with non-slip material on the palms are practical utensils for work in the field of maintenance, assembly, construction, industry, equipment work and handling small parts and things that could slip out of your hands due to a certain feel or they could slip off with their hands. In our online store you will find non-slip work gloves for children and adults in different materials. Nub gloves open at the fingertips are also available at low prices here.

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Gloves: Nub gloves

Working can be versatile! You need work gloves but can't do anything with the normal models? We also have the right work gloves for special cases in our range!

Nub gloves - for a particularly secure grip

Especially in the transport sector or for machines and construction work, it is extremely important to always have a good grip. That is why there are gloves with nubs. These are applied to the palms of the hands, usually with a PVC coating, and are modelled on the human hand.

The rest of the gloves can be made of cotton or polyester. They are usually very comfortable to wear due to their ergonomic shape. Many of these models are even washable.