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 The work in the garden...


With the right garden accessories, gardening will be easier for you. It supports the various activities and helps you achieve the desired result faster.

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Garden accessories

The work in the garden is varied. Good that you can find the various supporting tools and accessories here. With these, you will also be able to perform complex tasks such as collecting leaves, weeding or planting with the bulb planter more effectively and thus in less time.

Collecting and disposing of leaves in the garden

To achieve a certain basic order in the garden, you can get on top of the leaves with the right garden accessories. Our collection containers, such as the construction bucket, zinc bucket or also the leaf bag help you to collect the many colourful leaves. It is also helpful to use the hand rakes or leaf collectors to pick up and collect the leaves. The mobile leaf collector is even more practical. This not only has a holder for the necessary rakes and brooms, but also has an integrated leaf shovel for collecting the leaves.

Removing weeds - no problem with the right garden accessories

In order to effectively remove unwanted plants, you will find garden tools in our garden supplies category that will help you with these activities. For comfortable work you can use the folding stool or the folding stool with tool bag to have all the tools you need at hand directly at the place of work. Of course, we also offer you a matching three-piece garden tool set with which you can master the weeds. Do you want to loosen the soil in smaller areas or work in flower boxes? Then you will find flower forks, for example, in our garden accessories to help you do this. For removing weeds in joints, for example along paths or slabs, our selection of gardening supplies includes a telescopic joint cleaner and handy gas burners in various designs.

Working in the garden in all weathers

When the sky darkens and drizzle or rain starts, this is often no reason to stop gardening. Just as our work aprons keep you from getting your clothes dirty, our mackintoshes help protect you from getting wet. So you can finish your job and continue gardening even in light rainfall.

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