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Practical tools in the field of pneumatics can be found in this category. Pneumatic tools are usually more ergonomic, more powerful, lighter and require less maintenance costs than power tools. We offer a wide selection of different air guns, pneumatic impact wrenches, grinders and hammers for various applications in our store. From paint spray guns to spray guns for paint and varnish to compressed air impact wrenches, everything is included.

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Buy air tools & air compressor for work

Air tools are needed in many different applications including:
-Measuring and screwdriving

-Cutting work

Air tools work on the pneumatic principle, using compressed air to get them going. Where other tools normally rely on electricity or rechargeable batteries as a drive source, this one works entirely with air. Once the pneumatic tool is attached to the compressed air line, the air can then enter the system. Movement is created, which ultimately leads to the tool being able to be used. A built-in valve ensures that the amount of air can be controlled. The power transmission to the respective tool ultimately takes place via cylinder and piston.

Which pneumatic tools are there?

Different types of work require different pneumatic tools. It is therefore hardly surprising that there is a wide range of pneumatic wrenches available for both hobby and professional purposes, including:
-impact wrenches or compressed air impact wrenches
-compressed air grinders / angle grinders
-compressed air rotary screwdrivers
-Compressed air impact wrenches
-compressed air random orbital sander

All the tools listed are usually also available with a different drive. For example, the pneumatic impact wrench can also be purchased as a cordless impact wrench. However, many of the electric and battery-powered versions cannot compete with compressed air tools in some areas, as the advantages are simply too great. For example, tools that are powered by compressed air have the following advantages, among others:
-Adjustment can be stepless
-The load capacity is very high
-Insensitivity to temperature fluctuations
-High working speed because a constant power demand is possible
-Mostly higher lightness than electronic devices

A cleaning gun powered by compressed air is a good example of how advantageous technology can be. Compared to an electricity-powered model, work can be done more precisely, more lightly and therefore with higher quality. In addition, pneumatic tools are known for their high level of safety.

Sophisticated top-of-the-line tools - air screwdrivers & air impact wrenches

The most widely used air tools are screwdrivers and impact wrenches. Both bring numerous advantages that quickly make the use of an electric option forgettable in many situations. While the air-powered screwdriver is used in combination with bits to loosen or tighten screws and nuts, for example, the pneumatic impact wrench is more impulsive. With powerful stroke movements generated by a higher maximum torque, it is possible, among other things, to loosen stuck wheel nuts, which explains why this device can be found in every car workshop. Compared to conventional pneumatic wrenches, there is no uniform rotary movement. Rather, as the name suggests, it is a "hammering" motion.

The advantages of a pneumatic screwdriver and impact wrench compared to an electric version are:
-Precise torques
-Nearly no vibration generation
-Excellent ergonomics
-Significantly lower energy consumption
-Lower susceptibility to dirt
-Increased flexibility due to easier transport
-No risk of explosion
-Nearly no wear and tear
-No sensitivity to moisture

All these points quickly give you an understanding of why air tools are becoming more and more popular and are accordingly used more often in many areas. You can also purchase a large number of tools in our online shop.

Easier and freer working with a compressor

Compressors in particular make work even easier. Although many devices have to be permanently connected to a compressor by means of a pneumatic hose, there are also many models that can be operated at any location. This is where mobile compressors come into play. Usually equipped with a handle, the air compressors can be easily transported. If, for example, work has to be done on the roof, this flexible solution means that you do not have to do without an air tool even in such work situations.

The market offers many models. Some compressors are oil-free, others are oil-lubricated. There are also differences in the maximum pressure from model to model, although the bar number is usually in a range between 6 and 11. Other differences in the performance of air compressors are, among other things, the capacity of the boiler, the output power and the noise level.

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