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Pressure hoses

At Arbeitsbedarf24 you can expect many available types and sizes for the hose you need. We offer the pressure hose tailored to your needs with excellent quality and durability. In this category you will find compressed air hoses, gas hoses and pressure hoses for your needs.

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Water march! Equipped for all eventualities with a pressure hose from Arbeitsbedarf24

The area of use determines which properties a hose must have. A simple garden hose, for example, is not suitable for transporting large amounts of water (or other liquids) in a short time. A pressure hose, on the other hand, is heavy and robust and can withstand high pressure when large masses of liquid shoot through the hose. In the range listed here you will find pressure hoses as well as gas and compressed air hoses. No matter what your future pressure hose must be able to (withstand) - with us you will find the right hose for every requirement.

Pressure hose, gas hose, compressed air hose: what are the differences?

The category "pressure hoses" includes types of hoses that are filled with liquids or gases under more or less high pressure. A distinction is made between the compressed air hose, the gas hose and the pressure hose as a separate term.

In the case of compressed air hoses, the hose is round even when unfilled. They are usually made of a PVC compound and are suitable for transporting liquids such as water, drinking water or cleaning agents. Gas hoses, on the other hand, have been designed to transport fuel or liquid gases. Depending on the type of gas to be transported, the hose is exposed to different pressures, which is why very specific structural characteristics must be given in each case.

Pressure hoses are designed to transport liquids such as water, foam or other extinguishing agents. A pressure hose can have both a flat and a round shape when unfilled - the hoses used by the fire brigade for fire-fighting work, for example, are pressure hoses.

Buying a new pressure hose: these are the things you should look out for

When you put your new pressure hose into operation, always pay attention to the maximum permissible pressure. Especially with gas and air pressure hoses, this is often lower than with the extremely robust pressure hoses, which are sometimes even suitable for a pressure of 80 bar. In addition, a pressure hose has a high but not infinite tolerance for extreme temperature influences. In particular, prolonged cold can make the material brittle and crack, so that a new pressure hose may have to be purchased.

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In our online shop you will find a large selection of compressed air and gas hoses, propane gas hoses and the right pressure hose for your needs. For detailed information on the hose of your choice, please refer to the respective product description.