Sprinkle your plants with our pressure...

Pressure sprayer

Plants love and need nurturing and care. Despite everything, they also need special treatment from time to time and want to be sprayed with water, pesticide or fertilizer. For this we have in our assortment the most different hand and pressure sprayers. Hand sprayers are flexible to use and are intended for smaller plants and spraying the undersides of leaves. For larger plants or areas, we recommend our pressure sprayers and backpack sprayers. These are available in different variants and with different capacities.

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Sprinkle your plants with our pressure sprayers

Practical watering cans with a capacity of 1 to 2 litres, suitable for the garden as well as for your indoor plants, can be found here. In addition, we offer hand-held pressure sprayers and backpack sprayers (backpack pressure sprayers) in various designs for a wide range of applications.
The pressure sprayer we offer is suitable for use in the private sector as well as for professional use in gardening and landscaping or similar.