Fleece, protective and fabric tarpaulins

Frost, pests, rain or weeds - we have the right protection in the form of garden fleece, weed fleece, fabric tarpaulin or net. In addition, in this category you can get windbreaks for fences and ground anchors for fastening the films.

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Garden fleece, protective tarpaulin and co. for garden, nursery and agriculture

Foils, protective tarpaulins, fleece and fabrics are just as useful for your own garden as they are for gardening, landscaping or agriculture. They provide weather protection, protection from weeds or vermin and can often be used for many other situations.

In our online shop you can get garden fleece, tarpaulins, foils, ground fabric, protective fences and many other large-scale protective devices. The products are all very robust and weather-resistant and can therefore be used over a long period of time.

Fabric protective tarpaulins for versatile applications

They are among the most versatile protective products for outdoor use and, thanks to the robust material, can withstand all weather conditions - the fabric protective tarpaulins. The tarpaulins are available in numerous sizes, some of them up to 400 m² in size. You can also choose between different fabric thicknesses. To facilitate fastening, the fabric tarpaulins have a reinforced edge and eyelets.

While thinner tarpaulins are usually sufficient for covering garden furniture, vehicles or sandpits, you should choose a product with thicker fabric for covering building materials, firewood or emergency roofs. Whether protection against dust, UV light, rain, wind or frost - with our products there is the right protective tarpaulin for every requirement.

Garden fleece as protection against weeds, pests and cold weather

Make gardening easier with a weed fleece that lets your plants grow and blossom, but gives the unloved weeds no chance! The weed fleece also offers the advantage that the soil is optimally supplied with moisture and the soil heat is retained.

Our protective garden fleece or frost protection fleece also ensures optimal growing conditions for the plants. This significantly extends the gardening season, both in spring and autumn. The garden fleece also protects against hail, strong wind, fungal attack and vermin. Thanks to the UV protection, our garden fleece - the weed fleece as well as the frost protection fleece - can be used for many years.