High-quality water tap for garden, terrace or...

Water taps

Faucet for the garden with practical connection options for the garden hose. At Arbeitsbedarf24 you will receive resistant water taps for outdoor use, which will make watering much easier.

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High-quality water tap for garden, terrace or cellar

Whether rain, wind or storms - the water tap in the garden has to withstand a lot and always function smoothly despite the weather. With a garden tap from Arbeitsbedarf24 you can rely on it. We offer weatherproof, robust taps with connection options for water hoses with different outlet valve sizes.

Pay attention to the size of the threaded connections on the garden tap

A water tap in the garden is a real blessing, not only for watering the garden, but also for washing your hands or cleaning various tools after work. Watering the garden with a garden hose, however, is one of the most common uses of the tap, because only in very few gardens is the water collected in rain barrels sufficient in summer. Quite apart from this, watering with the garden hose makes the work much easier.

To ensure that the hose or hose valve fits, it is essential to pay attention to the threaded connections when buying a tap. They are specified in inches, e.g. 1/2 or 3/4 inch. With most garden taps in our online shop, you have the choice between different outlet valve sizes. Furthermore, make sure to screw the threads tightly during installation. The same applies to additional hose connections or connecting elements.

Speaking of accessories: Our shop for work supplies offers you further accessories for garden irrigation. For example, you can buy garden hoses, shower heads and sprinklers in our shop.

Water tap for garden and other outdoor areas

Every outdoor water tap in our range is extremely durable, some products are even frost-proof. Of course, you can also install the garden tap on the terrace, in the garage or in the cellar. In addition to the spout valve size, the taps also differ in terms of the handle: with a lever handle or with a twist handle. A rotary handle requires less space and is more visually appealing. The lever handle, on the other hand, offers advantages especially for dirty or wet hands. In addition, the water flow can be stopped more quickly in an emergency, e.g. in the case of a defective garden hose.