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Everywhere where it can get wet, our skin is at risk of being attacked. The solution: gloves! But not just any of our rubber gloves are ideal for a variety of jobs!

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Rubber gloves

Fields of application for rubber gloves

Our range of rubber gloves can be used in many fields of activity. Firstly, they can of course be used for household tasks, such as cleaning.

However, many of the gloves are also approved for contact with food. That is why they are not only found in the kitchen at home, but also in the catering sector or in the food industry, especially in fish processing.

But our gloves also withstand things that are subject to heavy mechanical stress. These include, for example, general construction work, sewer cleaning, gardening and landscaping or work in the automotive industry.

Properties of our rubber gloves

Because we always focus on quality and versatility, we have a wide variety of rubber gloves in our range. Materials vary from latex, polyester, neoprene, cotton knit and PVC. Some even have a fleece lining.

To protect the arms from the elements, we also have rubber gloves with extra long sleeves or cuffs. We offer a wide variety of colours: blue, red, orange, black, yellow.

Depending on the material, our rubber gloves also have the following properties:

  • optimal sense of touch and secure grip
  • stretchable and tear-resistant
  • resistant to cleaning agents, detergents and other chemicals as well as micro-organisms
  • UV-resistant
  • waterproof and washable

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