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S1 & S2

Here you will find safety shoes of safety category 1 and safety category 2. They all have a closed heel area and there also energy absorption capacity. In addition, they are resistant to oil and fuel and have antistatic properties. The S2 work shoes are also specially water-repellent. To protect the foot, they all have a protective toe cap. This can be made of steel, aluminum or even fiberglass.

We offer a top selection of S1 and S2 safety shoes in different variants. In addition to the classic shoe shape, there are also safety sandals, which from the shape like a closed shoe, but in some smaller areas have no material, so as not to completely enclose the foot. For more support in the shoes or the colder days we recommend our ankle high safety shoes.

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Buy high quality S1 and S1P safety shoes

S1 class shoes are irreplaceable items of clothing for many occupational groups, as they ensure safety and comfort during work. Conventional shoes for urban use would quickly reach their limits in many working environments. Not only would wear and tear progress many times faster during demanding work assignments - the properties would also not match the high demands of everyday working life.

In our online shop, you can choose from a variety of different, high-quality safety shoes in the S1 category for men and women. This way, you can enjoy the certainty of being well prepared even on demanding terrain every day.

What does S1 safety footwear mean?

Every S1 safety shoe fulfils the basic requirements for safety shoes, which are summarised in DIN EN 20345. These minimum requirements are officially abbreviated as "SB". Shoes of this type all have certain characteristics - they are:

  • Resistant to tearing
  • Resistant
  • Vapour permeable

While all of the properties of the basic safety footwear requirements are important for working safely in occupational situations, this level of safety would not be high enough for more demanding and particularly demanding activities. Models labelled "S1 safety shoes" extend the range of useful features. S1 safety shoes are additionally:

  • Antistatic
  • Energy absorbing in the heel area
  • Fuel resistant
  • closed at the heel

Safety shoes according to DIN EN 20345 always have a protective toe cap. This reliably protects against impacts of up to 200 jule and a pressure of up to 15 kilonewtons. Serious injuries in the toe area can thus be prevented in the event of accidents at work.

What does S1P safety footwear mean?

Safety shoes S1P have all the characteristics that we have already summarised under "Safety shoes S1". In addition, shoes in this category are equipped with a penetration protection during the manufacturing process. Depending on the model, the special midsoles of the S1P safety shoes are made of steel or a metal-free material.

S1P safety shoes are always important when there is a risk of danger from below during work. No matter whether there are nails lying around openly, broken glass or other comparable pointed sources of danger - with S1P work shoes you can reliably protect yourself.

Which occupational groups benefit from S1 and S1P safety class work shoes?

Wearing S1 and S1P safety shoes is very important in many work environments, as it protects the feet from potential sources of danger and also enables more ergonomic work. The quality of work is also increased enormously by the shoes, as tasks can be carried out better due to the sure-footed and vapour-permeable properties, among other things.

S1 safety shoes are worn in the following industries, among others:

  • Chemical industry
  • microelectronics
  • medical industry

S1P safety shoes, on the other hand, are worn in the following industries, among others:

  • Carpentry businesses
  • Logistics industry
  • roofing companies

In summary, it can be seen that both S1 and S1P shoes should only ever be used if you do not have to work in wet environments. Waterproof properties would only come into play with safety class S2.

Which work shoes of the classes S1 and S1P can be bought at

At you will find a large number of S1 safety shoes for both men and women. Here you will find our range of ladies safety shoes. We also offer S1P safety class shoes for the aforementioned genders. The available models have the features presented in the respective category - but differ in terms of appearance and material.

Our S1 and S1P safety shoes are available as:

  • Low-profile shoe
  • High-profile shoe
  • Sandal
  • business shoe

The following materials are used, among others

  • Leather
  • Polyester

Discover the numerous high-quality S1 and S1P work shoes and noticeably increase your safety level during work.

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