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Whether classic or modern. Our safety shoes of safety category S3 have energy absorption in the closed heel area, are antistatic and fuel-resistant. Their sole is puncture-resistant and has a profile. All S3 safety shoes have these features. Now it's up to you which shoe you choose. Do you prefer a typical steel toe cap or do you like it lighter? In our assortment there are also work shoes with an aluminum cap, which makes the shoe a lot lighter.

For cold and warm work environments, a fiberglass toe cap works great as a toe protector. It is cold and heat insulating, often a little larger and also offers the 200 Joule toe protection.
For the fashion-conscious among us, our range also includes safety shoes in selected designs, whose look makes you forget that they are actually safety shoes.

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Safety shoes S3 - professional footwear for the working day

Wearing high-quality work clothing is an extremely important issue for many occupational groups. Among all items of clothing, it is the shoes that are expected to perform particularly well in order to withstand various influences. Unlike in everyday urban life, for example, footwear must be able to withstand a wide range of influences over the long term. This is the only way to ensure that safety-relevant points are covered 100% and that the wearing comfort is still in a first-class range.

We are fully aware of this importance, so we have everything for you in our online shop, from work shoes to boots / safety boots. Particularly useful for demanding work is the so-called S3 safety shoe. A model of this type provides continuous protection and comfortably embeds the foot. In the following, we have prepared a guide for you so that you are perfectly informed in every respect before you buy.

Here we cover the following points:

  • What exactly makes S3 safety shoes?
  • For which areas of application were the S3 safety boots designed?
  • Which S3 work shoes can be purchased in our shop?

Trust in a high level of work protection at all times, which at the same time goes hand in hand with a chic sneaker look.

Indispensable features of reliable shoes for a safe working day

Especially groups of people who often work outdoors and/or come into contact with moisture or water should aim to buy an S3 safety shoe. The shoes are water-repellent and thus reliably keep the inside dry. Thanks to the extremely resistant toe cap, impacts of up to 200 joules can be withstood without any problems. A closed area at the heels and a non-slip sole make the optimal working profile perfect. In addition, sneakers in this category have a puncture-resistant sole. Splinters, shards, nails and the like cannot pierce through the material at any time.

The properties can vary slightly from model to model. As a rule, however, a shoe of this type comes with the following:

  • Water Repellent
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Non-slip
  • Permeable
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Antistatic
  • Metal-free
  • Antibacterial

Go for modern work shoes of protection class S3 and benefit from the great all-round protection in addition to the cool sneaker look.

A safe appearance at work - always an excellent choice

S3 work shoes can be worn excellently by many occupational groups. Whenever the footwear is demanding, challenging and sometimes even uncomfortable, sporty safety shoes of this type are convincing all along the line.

In the following workplaces, this type of work shoe is a fantastic choice on the foot:

  • Construction sites
  • agricultural businesses
  • handicraft businesses
  • workshops

However, this list was only a small excerpt. The S3 protection class or safety class also comes up trumps in other areas.

A wide range of S3 work shoes - the right option for every person

As you could already see from the shoe characteristics in the section before, we offer a generous number of different S3 models. This is the only way to ensure that you find the optimal work shoe for your individual requirements. Each safety shoe complies with DIN EN ISO 20345, sometimes also with DIN EN ISO 20344. Some of the S3 work shoes are also ESD shoes. These provide a particularly low resistance. Electrostatic discharges are reduced in this way. You can find more information about the exact type in the respective product description.

What they all have in common, however, is that they will make your working day more comfortable, safer and therefore less stressful. They are sporty, lightweight and comfortable to wear in any situation. In terms of looks, lightweight safety shoes of this type can also keep up excellently with conventional sneakers. True to the motto "the eye works with you", you will find many different colours, designs and implementation forms of the manufacturers in our shop.

Other high-quality work shoe categories for everyday professional life.

Not only S3 safety shoes find their way into our wide range of products. We also carry many other types that perform important services in other areas of work. Please also have a look at our safety shoes of the safety classes S1 / S2, S5 or our offers of work shoes with the general basic requirements of safety shoes SB / SRA / SRC. Also under the categories cut protection boots, boots & clogs as well as socks & insoles, you will find numerous offers of different safety classes of the various top manufacturers. You will find cheap safety shoes in our online shop as well as metal-free and thus light safety shoes, classic or also trendy, metal-free sneaker safety shoes.?

FAQ - S3 work shoes / S3 safety boots

A class S3 safety shoe will make your everyday life at work noticeably easier. To ensure that no product-specific questions remain unanswered in advance and that you are well prepared for your shoe selection, we have compiled an FAQ section for you in the following section.

Are there S3 safety shoes for both men and women in our online shop?

The feet of men and women often differ greatly from each other, which means that a safety shoe in the S3 category must be perfectly adapted for both sexes. Only in this way is it able to protect the foot while being worn and embed it comfortably. Accordingly, you will find both men's and women's S3 safety shoes on our website.

Are S3 safety shoes light?

A high level of protection and a pleasant lightness go hand in hand with our shoes. No matter what size, material or height the safety shoe of protection class S3 has - the weight always remains in a range that does not negatively affect the wearing experience. The profile remains pleasantly sporty, from the sole to the upper. You can find out the exact weight of each individual safety shoe in the respective product description. It is good to know that a metal-free toe cap made of glass fibre weighs less than the significant steel caps. However, aluminium toe caps are the lightest.

What are the choices for safety footwear in terms of material?

Only if a shoe of the S3 protection class is durably resistant can it withstand the sometimes extremely demanding effects of working life. To ensure that you feel safe at all times and can call a sure-footed shoe your own, our S3 work shoes are generally made of leather. With our range, we offer you a top selection of different designs of S3 safety shoes. You can choose whether you prefer work boots, safety shoes or ankle-high work shoes.

Depending on the model, various other materials are used on the inside, including microfibre and polyester. This makes the shoes particularly comfortable to wear, with breathable, abrasion-resistant and antistatic properties that make them fully suitable for work all day long.

The sole, on the other hand, is often made of polyurethane to provide slip resistance. Please refer to the product description of your desired model for more information on the exact material composition.