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Safety shoes are an elementary part of the work protective clothing. That is why we also carry safety boots with steel toe caps.

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Buy high quality S5 safety boots for work

Safety shoes are worn by workers mainly in environments where there is an increased risk of accidents. Wearing them is required by law in some occupations, but for the most part people choose to wear them voluntarily. Safety shoes are divided into different classes, which quickly provide information about their properties and the situations for which they are suitable. Class S5 is the highest class. Safety boots of this type can permanently withstand various impacts and provide all-round first-class protection for the feet.

What features do S5 safety boots have?

S5 safety boots have countless useful basic properties that help to ensure that the foot is permanently protected in dangerous working environments. According to DIN EN 20345, work boots of this type are, among other things:

  • Slip-resistant
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Antistatic
  • Fuel resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Shock absorbing

With a view to the other protection classes below, the S5 safety shoes can definitely be called an all-round carefree package. Because of this, the work boots can be worn in many different scenarios. The possible uses are wide-ranging, which explains why the S5 safety boots are also often worn in the private sector.

The high resistance of the toe caps

The toe area often needs to be protected with special care when performing certain private as well as professional tasks. Class S5 safety boots therefore always have protective toe caps that reliably protect against impact. The caps are usually made of steel, plastic or aluminium. The safety boots are often referred to as steel toe cap shoes regardless of the material of the caps. Falling objects and objects hitting the shoe are no longer a danger to the toes thanks to the high resistance. The toes can also be protected from impacts and crushing thanks to the S5 safety boots.

The robust and high-quality soling of the safety boots

Safety boots that comply with DIN EN 20345 all have slip-resistant, antistatic and petrol and oil-resistant properties. In addition, they are energy absorbing in the heel area. However, class S5 work boots also boast a puncture resistance. Nails, shards and other pointed objects cannot penetrate the sole at any time and therefore cannot cause any injuries to the foot. Work can be carried out more carefree. The risk of injury is significantly reduced.

High protection due to a high shaft

Another feature of safety boots of the S5 category is the high shaft. It reaches below the knee and thus protects both the shin and the calves. The high shaft is useful in the rain, among other things, as it keeps not only the feet but also large parts of the leg dry.

Functionality and comfort for demanding jobs

Safety boots are not only bought for their functionality. Rather, the high-quality work boots are also appreciated for their excellent ergonomic properties. The sole provides good cushioning on a wide variety of surfaces, so that even long working days can be managed comfortably. The material is also very flexible. The feet still feel good even after hours of demanding work.

Where are S5 work boots worn?

S5 work boots are worn for both personal and professional work. Feet, calves and shins are always well protected. The following are some of the jobs where the safety boots are worn in the private sector:

  • paving the patio
  • Erecting the garden fence
  • Hiking up a wall
  • Breaking down walls
  • Building a carport

The possible uses of safety boots are so wide-ranging that they are difficult to summarise in general terms. For professional purposes, the shoes are used in the following industries, among others:

  • Fabrication
  • construction
  • forestry

S5 work boots provide excellent protection in almost every situation and significantly reduce the risk of injury.

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