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Sicherheitsschuhe SB, SRA & SRC

Cheap work shoes we offer in our Arbeitsbedarf24 Onlineshop. Here you will find safety shoes in classic look, modern or sneaker look and of course safety sandals, work boots and rubber boots of the general safety class SB. These SB safety shoes are suitable, among other things, for care, food and pharmaceutical areas, as they are primarily intended for dry environments and there but a toe protection is required.

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Safety shoes SB-SRA

The right safety shoes are a basic element in work safety clothing. In our range you will always find the right work shoes for your activity and requirements.

The requirements for safety shoes SB - SRA

The designation SB means that the shoe meets the basic requirements for safety shoes according to the Euronorm. The requirements are obligatory for all safety shoes and regulate the materials to be used, the manufacturing technique as well as the design. For example, safety shoes must be fully moulded shoes (i.e. not sandals) and have a toe cap that protects against forces up to 200 joules.

SRA is the designation for the slip-resistant properties of the shoe sole on ceramic tiles in combination with cleaning agents (sodium lauryl sulphate solution NaLS).

Where are safety shoes SB - SRA used?

Typical professions where these safety shoes are worn are catering and hospital, laboratory activities, industrial professions, rescue services, butchers and cooks.

Professional drivers are also often recommended to wear safety shoes, as they are exposed to the risk of foot injuries during loading and unloading, for example.

Our range

Our SB SRA safety shoes are made of smooth leather or suede. The soles are made of double polyurethane or EVA and rubber. They are oil resistant and shock resistant up to 200 joules.

Various models have shock absorption under the heel, which is particularly suitable for professions in hospitals or in the catering industry, where long distances have to be covered on foot every day.

For summer, our safety sandals have openings at the ankle to allow air to pass through. Choose what suits you best from our different models. Also discover our range of women's safety shoes.