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Occupational safety

Optimally equipped and well protected - In our online shop, we offer you a wide range of products for the area of occupational safety.
Work clothing of various brands, safety shoes of different classes, protective gloves with special functions, head protection in general and also separately for the ears and face. Knee and respiratory protection products are just as much a part of our product portfolio as our variety of articles in the area of high-visibility protection and fall protection.

Equip yourself with the desired products and the required safety classes. Our products are described with the respective safety classes and standards so that you can immediately see which one exactly meets your needs. There is also a variety of products for women in the individual categories of personal protective equipment and also in our categories of protective work clothing and safety shoes.

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Buy reliable workwear for a high level of occupational safety

The topic of "occupational safety" is very broad and takes an enormously important role in the professional events for many people. Not only because some regulations require the wearing of a first-class and reliable protective clothing, but also because you want to feel safe at your workplace in every second. But not only the protective work clothing ensures protection, also fall protection, barrier tapes and much more, ensure in the closer environment that a high work safety is always given. However, both work clothing and protective work equipment in general can also be useful in the private sphere. Numerous tasks can thus be performed more safely, even during leisure time.

Are you also looking for personal protective equipment so that you can face demanding work tasks in a more relaxed manner? In the following guide, we will give you a detailed insight into the following points:

  • Which people are particularly dependent on good occupational safety?
  • For what purposes is protective work clothing or protective work equipment suitable?
  • What are the different types of protective equipment?

Inform yourself extensively about the area of occupational safety/PPE and then purchase the appropriate workwear online in our occupational safety store.

Protective workwear for more safety - a must for many people

Many different groups benefit on a daily basis from the extremely durable, long-lasting, and superbly protective nature of protective work gear. The huge selection of equipment allows for individual use for different purposes. The following occupational groups and sectors are, by and large, particularly reliant on a high level of occupational safety and health protection:

  • construction / crafts
  • warehouse workers
  • Electricians
  • welders
  • painters / varnishers
  • road construction
  • Chemical environment
  • Forestry and gardening

However, in addition to people from the trades and industry, it is mainly private individuals who do not want to do without the high quality of protective equipment. Whether it's renovating the house, cutting down a tree in the garden or sawing up wooden boards - countless tasks can be completed more safely both indoors and outdoors thanks to protective work clothing.

More safety when performing demanding physical tasks

At least as large as the range of protective workwear and protective work equipment are the subsequent possibilities for use. The great quality ensures that both ladies and gentlemen can face the high work area requirements well armed. Possible tasks in which protective work clothing is important could include:

  • operating a jackhammer
  • Securing a construction site
  • securing during work at heights
  • mixing chemicals
  • Welding metal plates
  • Hoisting a house wall
  • planting a tree

Whether hearing protection, barrier tape, safety goggles, protective gloves or hard hats - the equipment ensures that a high level of occupational safety permanently prevails during the operation.

The different categories within occupational safety equipment

While most people use occupational safety equipment for their work areas, others also need the workwear as PPE to provide protection in the e.g. private area and to avoid an accident at work. The use is therefore very different and individual, which makes conclusive a product classification into different categories, which usually looks as follows:

In our online store, you will also find such a clear subdivision in the "Work" section. Workers from different industries can thus all quickly identify high-quality workwear and PPE within our range. You too can find the right personal protective equipment (PPE) for your individual requirements and benefit from the large selection.

FAQ - Occupational safety - The right PPE as personal protective Equipment

Do you have any unanswered questions before you turn to buying your personal protective equipment (PPE)? No problem! In our FAQ section, we take a closer look at our range of occupational safety workwear and also take a closer look at the additional equipment associated with it. Prepare yourself perfectly and increase your safety with the items in our work safety store, both at work and at home.

Which articles on ensure a high level of protection on the body?

We have adapted the range in our online store to different requirements. Across industries, protecting the direct body is among the most important. Work pants, work jackets and work T-shirts, for example, are made of durable and robust materials, such as cotton, polyester, nylon or even spandex, so as to protect, among other things, against shocks or friction. Gloves, on the other hand, are intended to provide good and safe handling and must also partly continuously against various liquids or chemicals or as cut protection. Also specifically against mechanical risks or sub-zero temperatures, there are many models that protect you and your body.

Work shoes, on the other hand, are designed to ensure a high level of surefootedness, and also keep your feet away from numerous liquids. Helmets safely shield the head, for example, on a construction site, so that possibly falling objects can not cause injuries. Respiratory protection can protect against long-term damage to the lungs when working in very dusty environments, among other things. Protective goggles, on the other hand, are always indispensable when working with hazardous chemicals, for example. Wearing them is also almost always a must-do for welding and sawing work.

The possibilities for protecting one's own body at work can be continued almost endlessly. Personal protective equipment, PPE for short, can provide optimal protection with the high level of resistance and quality both in the professional environment, as well as when gardening and crafts in the private sector.

Which products on allow work protection in high Environments?

Regardless of whether you are just renewing the roof at home, pruning trees or work in a cleaning company that specializes in cleaning high-rise facades - all those who regularly have to go up high, both privately and professionally, will be able to find first-class personal protective equipment at our store. This includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

  • Harness
  • Harness
  • Safety rope
  • Band fall arrester

Buy suitable PPE and fall back on articles of renowned manufacturers in our work protection store.

Which articles on protect especially in challenging temperatures and weather conditions?

In our web store you can buy a variety of workwear that will protect you from different temperatures as well as bad and cold weather conditions in the long term and reliably. Items belonging to this type of personal protective equipment (PPE) are thereby for example:

But even in darkness or poor visibility in general, a lot is demanded of personal protective equipment. This is where high-visibility workwear comes into play, as it is able to visually draw the attention of other people and road users to you at an early stage. The reflective stripes attached to the workwear, which generate a light signal when light falls on them, coupled with the orange-red or even yellow background color, significantly increase the safety level of the wearer in combination. Find out more about "high-visibility protection" here.