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Everything that can be cut in nature, requires the appropriate scissors for this purpose. Whether anvil or bypass - for the different types of wood and plants there are different suitable scissors. In our store you will find cheap scissors for the garden and trees to top quality brands, such as Fiskars. Our range is wide and you will find not only pruning shears and garden shears, but also hedge shears, loppers and lawn shears in different variations. Extended handles make pruning easier. That's why our range also includes telescopic loppers and geared loppers. With hedge shears, there is the choice of whether you prefer to cut smaller hedges by hand or an electric hedge trimmer and then need them for larger or more stable hedges.

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Garden shears, loppers and hedge trimmers - Everything for the garden and green spaces

As different as the plants, shrubs and trees in your garden are, so are the requirements for the tools you need in your garden. While rose pruning shears do a good job on roses, often the only thing that helps with larger trees and shrubs is lopping shears with a telescopic pole.
In our garden shears section, you will find lopping shears and garden shears in a wide variety of designs, for the most diverse requirements and areas of use. High quality hedge shears, garden saws with a telescopic handle and grass shears with a handle are just waiting to support you in your gardening work! To get an overview of which pruning shears you need specifically for your plants, you can read our blog.