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Here in our online store we offer work shirts and work shirts in different variants. Our flannel shirts are available for both men and women. You can also find shirts for different applications in our offer at reasonable prices. Equip yourself for the colder areas with our thermal shirts and for the warmer days with T-shirts made of cotton. We have also thought of the high visibility area. The high-visibility T-shirts with reflective stripes can be selected in two different fluorescent colors.

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High-quality work shirts for everyday professional life

Work in a craft environment is often demanding and sweaty. Only if you have clothing that can cope with these high demands will you be able to perform your work well in the long term. Outerwear plays a particularly important role in the world of workwear. If a shirt or sweatshirt has been specially made for the job, this is noticeably reflected in the wearer's comfort and, consequently, in productivity. Workwear carries the qualities that are needed during the working day to complete tasks smoothly.

We are aware of this fact, so that we not only offer you a large selection in our shop, but also always focus on good quality when compiling the articles. Would you prefer a flannel shirt, a work shirt or a lumberjack shirt? Is a work shirt in long or short more recommendable? We will support you in all aspects before you buy.

Below you will find our buying guide, which addresses the following points:

  • What is the quality of the work shirts?
  • How comfortable are they to wear?
  • Are there work shirts for both men and women in the online shop?

Work shirts for everyday working life - quality that pays off

Every work shirt in our shop has an extremely high overall quality, as this is the only way to ensure that the clothing can permanently withstand friction, impacts and other effects. This also applies to every T-shirt or sweatshirt in our range. Only high-quality and durable material is used in all products. In addition to high-quality work shirts made of cotton, we therefore also specifically focus on options made of polyester and polyamide.

In addition, some areas have been stabilised so that work tasks can be performed even better. For example, some of our flannel work shirts come with a double-reinforced collar. Details such as a double front gusset mean that the buttons are noticeably protected. Each brand also has a breast pocket so that smaller work utensils can be quickly stowed away.

High wearing comfort in every situation

Within our range of work shirts, you can be sure that from now on you will feel completely comfortable while wearing them. In addition to the aforementioned materials that lie gently on the skin, this is also due to the good fit. Everything fits the way the size specifications tell you it should. This is not only important to achieve a carefree wearing feeling - safety-relevant points are also in the foreground. Only when everything fits perfectly is there no danger of exposing yourself to hazards during the work process, as would be the case, for example, if you were pinched.

From now on, only rely on a shirt and work T-shirt at work that fits your body measurements perfectly. Choose between S-XXL for the size. Some of our work shirts for men are also available up to size 6XL. Our size tables in the product descriptions will help you in detail.

Work shirts for men and women

To make your purchase as individual as possible, you will of course find suitable models for both men and women in our shop. The flannel shirt is an excellent example of how fashionable workwear can be across genders. You won't find the lumberjack look in just one colour in our shop. From blue-red or orange-blue to multi-coloured versions made of cotton: the characteristic check patterns are available to you in a wide variety of colours.

Buy work shirts in our wide range of products

Would you like to order a high-quality T-shirt for work? Or have you been toying with the idea of finally buying a first-class cotton work shirt for quite some time? In our online shop you will find a large assortment that leaves nothing to be desired. Benefit from the numerous options and buy work shirts for men and women that really meet your expectations. You will receive your desired model in just a few days.

Other workwear that is useful for everyday working life

A good T-shirt, shirt and/or sweatshirt is the be-all and end-all at work. However, other types of clothing also ensure that tasks can be carried out in a first-class manner every day at work. Discover our waistcoats, overalls and aprons in our shop, for example. But also trousers, jackets and accessories of high quality are available in different sizes and materials. To ensure that you are protected throughout, even in bad weather conditions, we have also listed high-quality items in our rain protection category.

FAQ - Work shirts / work T-shirts

The most important points about our range at a glance

Uncertainties unnecessarily complicate the purchase when looking for the perfect work shirts. So that you do not only get to know our products roughly and possibly important information falls by the wayside, we have prepared an FAQ section for you below. Find the perfect T-shirt, shirt or sweatshirt for your job. We look between the lines for you and give you detailed insights.

Are there work shirts that allow you to be seen well even in low light conditions?

To ensure that you are seen even in poor light conditions, such as in fog, rain or during twilight, we also stock shirts with reflective stripes under our work shirt category. With a high-visibility T-shirt for work, good visibility can always be ensured. Made of polyester and comfortable to wear, they feature stripes on both the front and back. Available in neon yellow or orange, they meet the requirements of warning protection class 2 according to DIN EN ISO 20471 and DIN EN ISO 13688. We offer the dirt-resistant shirts with a mesh structure in S as the smallest size. You can choose from XXL as the largest size.

What are the features of the different materials of the work shirts?

The work shirts in our online shop have different materials depending on the model. However, they all have one thing in common: they will rapidly increase your comfort level in the future. Safety-related points are also better covered.

  • Cotton: Cotton is known for being very robust, tear-resistant and durable. Properties that are good to use during the demanding working day. In winter as well as in summer, this popular and reliable material can convince. Whether you are looking for a T-shirt for work or a work shirt made of cotton or other materials - you will find the right option in our shop.
  • Polyester/polyamide: Polyester and polyamide are considered quick-drying, gentle on the skin as well as easy-care. Breathability is excellent, which means you can always be assured of good vapour permeability during sweaty work. The materials are also very elastic, which makes them even more comfortable to wear. These fibres and their elasticity also provide a high degree of freedom of movement.

Don't conform to one material, but choose the work shirts that really suit you from our wide range.

What is the price of work shirts for men and women?

The price/performance ratio must always be right. We are aware of this and have therefore chosen our work shirts in such a way that both points come into play throughout. While the price for our cheapest men's work shirt is only 7.99 €, the cheapest women's long work shirt costs only 9.99 €. The price for the cheapest work shirt, on the other hand, is only €7.99. A thermo T-shirt or sweatshirt that can be used universally in various areas is available from just €25.99. Our main goal is to always offer you work shirts that are cheap and at the same time of high quality. In our online shop you can choose from a wide range of products. Whether you are looking for a flannel shirt, a checked shirt, a work T-shirt or simply a checked casual shirt - simply add your desired workwear to your shopping cart.