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Footwear that has been manufactured to be worn while on the job is all too often given an overarching title by manufacturers as 'work footwear'. However, on closer inspection, the term hides many different types, each produced for different requirements, including:

  • Occupational footwear
  • protective footwear
  • Safety shoes

While using the general term "work shoes" does not lie, as they are after all shoes for work use, the categories behind them often cause confusion on the customer side. This leads to many not knowing which shoe category fits their personal requirements.

The differences between the shoe categories

Every work shoe, protective shoe and safety shoe is a work shoe, but not every work shoe automatically belongs to all subcategories. While the term "work shoes" is to be understood as an "umbrella term" that summarises all types of shoes for work use, the individual subcategories rather refer to the associated characteristics and protection. Markings provide order at this point and bring light into the darkness. The markings are divided into:

  • O = Occupational
  • P = Protective
  • S = Safety

The marking "O" refers to occupational shoes, "P" to protective shoes and "S" indicates that the shoes are safety shoes. This makes it easy to recognise the area of application for which the shoe was made. Work shoes marked "O" meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 20347, while models falling under "P" comply with DIN EN ISO 20346. "S", on the other hand, is manufactured according to 20345 or 12568.

Occupational footwear

This type of shoe meets basic safety features so that injuries can be averted in minor accidents, but lacks a toe cap.

Protective footwear

Protective footwear has the same basic safety features but also has a protective toe cap. The toe protection cap is tested for suitability in advance by the manufacturer. Test procedures ensure that it can withstand an impact pressure of 100 joules and 10 kilonewtons. The force transferred to the shoe can be compared to the bite of an alligator.

Safety shoes

Safety shoes can be described as even stronger protective shoes. Here, the protective toe cap can stand up to 200 joules and 15 kilonewtons of impact-like pressure.

When must work shoes be worn?

Many people have to wear work safety shoes because of legal regulations or employer requirements. Others, however, wear them voluntarily in order to protect themselves as best as possible while performing certain tasks or in dangerous environments. The following occupational groups, among others, make use of work shoes:

  • construction workers
  • firefighters
  • Police officers
  • Rescue workers
  • butchers
  • Cooks
  • warehouse workers

We have already described in detail in the past in a blog post  for whom work safety shoes are mandatory by law and what the consequences of non-compliance can be.

What other features do work shoes have?

Work shoes not only ensure that one enjoys a high level of protection during the execution of work, but are rather also worn due to numerous other properties. Shoes of this type are usually also:

  • Breathable
  • Ergonomic
  • Dirt resistant
  • Water repellent or waterproof
  • Slip-resistant

You can also access a huge selection of different women's and men's work shoes online. Unisex shoes are also available in our wide range. Increase not only the safety level but also the wearing comfort during work.

The large assortment at

Work shoes are not only divided into different markings, but can also have visual differences. It is not necessary to wear robust, high-closing models with toe protection caps in every profession. In many industries, the focus of wearers is rather on other features. Work in the kitchen, for example, involves standing for long periods of time, so ergonomic and breathable shoes are needed here. These often have other optical characteristics and are sometimes more reminiscent of leisure shoes. Work shoes are available in the following optical forms, among others:

  • Low- or half-cut
  • high closure
  • Clog
  • Boots
  • sandal

Many people would not initially classify boots, clogs and sandals as work shoes, but they are indispensable for many occupational groups in their daily work. Mostly classified as "O", work shoes provide solid basic protection and at the same time offer a first-class wearing comfort.

Boots are especially important for people who work in wet environments. Cleaners can benefit just as much from the sure-footed and waterproof properties as workers in the fishing industry. Clog and sandal shoes, on the other hand, are often worn by gardeners. The airy cut promises outstanding breathability, but at the same time you don't have to do without ergonomic benefits. Thanks to the large selection of work shoes, every person is able to find a suitable model. Also discover our range of women's safety shoes.

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