Disposable gloves in different variants 


Disposable gloves

The selection of disposable gloves is large and often no attention is paid here to quality, since they are only a disposable product. But where disposable gloves must be used daily, only suitable and high quality disposable gloves should be used.

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Disposable gloves in different variants

At Arbeitsbedarf24 you can buy disposable gloves with food approval in 100 piece packs online. These are made of natural latex, vinyl or nitrile and are therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. The latex disposable gloves comply with the standards EN455; EN374-1; EN374-2 and can therefore also be used for contact with food. Other areas of application are car painting, cosmetics or tattoo studios. The disposable gloves not only protect the wearer from microorganisms and various chemical substances, but also the products that are touched. Are you unsure whether the disposable gloves on offer are suitable for your profession or activity? Then take a look at our blog. You will find complete information on the standards in the respective product description.

Disposable gloves for daily use

Compatibility, even for allergy sufferers or sensitive skin, is one of the most important characteristics when choosing the right disposable gloves. By choosing the right material, you avoid allergies and select the disposable gloves that provide the best wearing comfort for you. All varieties are very tear-resistant and stretchy, fitting almost any hand, yet they come in sizes S to XL. The lightly powdered inside makes them easy to put on and take off and ensures a smooth daily work routine and switching between different activities that do not require disposable gloves.

The differences between latex, vinyl and nitrile

The great advantage of hygienic gloves is the extremely thin material, whether vinyl, latex or nitrile. When put on, the disposable gloves do not hinder work, as the sense of touch and freedom of movement are never restricted. Especially in the medical field or in the laboratory, you can work without any problems. The disposable gloves fit like a second skin. There are differences between latex, vinyl and nitrile in terms of elasticity, tear resistance, density and allergy tolerance. It is worth trying out each variant at least once. Latex is somewhat very elastic, but can trigger allergic reactions. Allergy sufferers should try nitrile, which is well tolerated and very tear-resistant. If hygiene is not the top priority, vinyl disposable gloves are a good choice due to their good price/performance ratio, especially if the gloves have to be changed often.
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Disposable gloves for private use

Of course, you can also buy the disposable gloves listed here privately and use them at home when cleaning, especially with certain cleaning agents, or when handling paints, solvents or fertilisers. Disposable gloves also protect the skin from drying out quickly and are recommended if the work can attack the Skin.