The right irrigation for every garden: Perl...

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Bei Arbeitsbedarf24 finden Sie für jede Anforderung den passenden Schlauch - in allen im Shop verfügbaren Arten und Größen. Wir halten den auf Ihre Bedürfnisse ausgelegten Sprüh- oder Perlschlauch mit hervorragender Haltbarkeit und Qualität für Sie bereit. Diese Kategorie umfasst Sprühschläuche, Perlschläuche und das entsprechende Zubehör.

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The right irrigation for every garden: Perl and spray hoses

Especially in the summer months, the thermometer likes to climb to breathtaking heights. This is not only hard on people and animals; the plants in the garden also suffer greatly from the constant heat - especially if it is combined with a long-lasting drought. If this is combined with a hot wind, the soil dries out and the plant can hardly absorb nutrients through its roots. In order to keep the garden green and alive during long dry periods, artificial irrigation is necessary in most cases.

What is a spray hose, how does it work and where is it used?

A spray hose is a type of hose used in gardening and agriculture, especially for watering beds, greenhouses or green spaces. Its special design, in which the hose is interspersed with fine pores, ensures that the water is delivered in the form of a light spray. The prerequisite is that the hose is sealed at one end so that the water can be forced through the pores. Since the spray hose releases somewhat more water than the bead hose, sprays in parts and brings moisture to large areas, it is not suitable for watering every garden. Particular care should be taken with plants with large, spreading leaves, as chalky edges can quickly form. Also, watering plants that are very susceptible to the notorious blight - such as tomatoes - should not be done with a spray hose.

What distinguishes a bead hose from spray hoses?

The bead hose is also suitable for gardening and has a similar mode of operation to the spray hose. However, the bead hose already manages with a significantly lower pressure. The water is not sprayed out of the pores; rather, it runs out of the hose under gentle pressure. Thanks to the many coherent drops that "pearl" out of the hose, the soil is leisurely supplied with moisture and does not run the risk of being flooded. Using a bead hose has a positive effect on water consumption - with a possible saving of 70% - and also minimises the risk of rotting in susceptible plants.

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