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Not only the shoes are important in your work, but also what is between the foot and the shoes. You can find insoles, work socks and boot insoles at great prices. Shoe insoles for summer, winter or against odor make your appearance more comfortable. Our work socks come in different varieties and have great features to support your foot throughout the day. Also a sock suitable for ATEX environments is in our assortment.

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Buy high quality insoles & work socks

Socks and shoe insoles are at first glance very inconspicuous utensils, but for many occupational groups they are of great importance in their daily work. They ensure that tasks can be carried out more safely and comfortably, while at the same time maintaining good health.

The term "work socks" is the generic term for many categories of socks, such as:

  • Thermosocks
  • boot socks
  • Functional socks
  • work socks / knee socks

The generic term "shoe insoles" includes, among other things:

  • support insoles or copy insoles
  • bedding insoles
  • corrective insoles

No matter whether you want to improve the cushioning when walking or need something warming for your cold feet in winter - thanks to the large selection, every person can find suitable work socks and insoles. You can also buy a variety of high-quality utensils for work in our online shop.

The different work socks at a glance

Different work environments and professions also require different types of work socks accordingly. This way, every worker can find the right model for him and his requirements. Below, we present the individual categories and go into detail about their advantages.

Thermal socks

Thermo socks, as the word "Thermo" in the name suggests, are mainly worn in cool temperatures. They are suitable for both private and professional use. They are just as reliable for keeping feet warm when walking the dog in the woods as they are when performing tasks on the construction site. They are characterised by high thermal insulation, good wearing comfort and first-class air permeability.

Boot socks

Boot socks or rubber boot socks can be described as inlays for boots. On cold days, this gives you the opportunity to prepare your boots, which are normally only suitable for summer, for winter as well. Boot socks are quasi warm inner shoes that you can insert into a boot. They are made of various materials, with felt being one of the most commonly used.

Functional socks

Due to their properties, functional socks are mainly worn by athletes, but they also perform excellently during work. Among other things, they are lightly cushioning, air-permeable, quick-drying and antibacterial. These are all qualities that can be put to good use during a strenuous and sweaty working day.

Work socks & knee socks

Work socks or knee socks are made in different types, but they are all characterised by a high closure. While work socks usually end at the shin, knee socks often even reach above the knee. The socks are available in summer and winter versions. Breathable, quick-drying and ergonomic properties are a feature of all types. However, insulating properties are added to the models for the cold season.

An overview of the different types of insoles

Insoles are produced in different types to meet the needs of as many people as possible. In the following section, we will go into the respective categories and list the most important information.

Support insole / Copy insole

Support insoles or copy insoles are usually worn by people with posture and positional defects in the foot. The weak point of the foot is compensated for by the insole. This makes it possible to maintain the position of the foot even in weight-bearing positions. People with "bent feet" or "flat feet" can better withstand stress during work with this type of insole.

Bedding insole

Bedding insoles redistribute pressure on the foot to relieve it. They also have shock-absorbing properties.

Correction insole

Corrective insoles are primarily used to correct foot malpositions. The aim is to prevent the deformity from worsening and to enable normal everyday life. Corrective insoles are mostly used for children and adolescents who suffer from problems such as bent flat feet or clubfoot.

Underwear for cold temperatures and cold waters

What thermal socks do above the water's surface is also made possible in the water in the form of thermal underwear. Fishermen and other professionals who spend a lot of time in or surrounded by water know too well that chilly waters are a strain on the feet over time. With thermal underwear for waders, you can brave cooler temperatures for a long time. The thermal underwear can easily be put under the waders. A quilted part provides insulation.

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