Suction hoses: the right hose for every pump...

Suction hoses

At Arbeitsbedarf24 you will find the right hose for every need. On this page you will find our assortment around the topic of suction hoses. Specially designed for your needs, we have the right suction hose with excellent quality and durability ready for you.

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Suction hoses: the right hose for every pump

What is a suction hose?

Suction hoses are used to transport liquids upwards from a low source. They are of immense importance, especially in the garden and for agriculture, because a suction hose - for example, with the help of a groundwater pump - can transport large quantities of groundwater to the surface in a short time. Suction hoses therefore play an important role in the water supply and irrigation of gardens, beds and green spaces.

What requirements must a suction hose fulfil?

First of all, when you decide on a new suction hose, the delivery capacity of the corresponding pump must be taken into account. The hose length also determines which diameter must be selected for the suction hose. Suction hoses must also be dimensionally stable and airtight. If there is negative pressure in the suction line, a suction hose must not be compressed by the resulting air pressure.

What must be observed when the new suction hose is put into operation?

Suction hoses are used in a wide variety of places. Accordingly, the hose must be flexible and adaptable. However, you should make sure that your suction hose does not rub against or over a rough surface at any point. This would wear down the material within a very short time and cause cracks, so that a new hose would have to be purchased.

A bending radius that is too tight should also be avoided, as it reduces the efficiency of the suction hose. Instead, suction hoses should be laid in a wide bend so that the liquid to be transported can flow through without obstruction. Very tight bending radii can also cause the hose to kink or flatten. A narrowing of the cross-section would also be a possible consequence. This in turn would lead to excessive stress on the material and thus massively shorten the service life of the hose. In the worst case, the suction hose could fail completely.

The suction hose should also be protected from temperatures that are too high or too low. Cold in particular attacks the hose massively and makes it brittle, which can cause the material to break more quickly or otherwise be damaged. But excessive heat can also become a problem because the hose may soften and lose its dimensional stability.

Ordering the right suction hose with Arbeitsbedarf24 is simple and uncomplicated

In our online shop you will find the right suction hose for your needs. There you can simply specify the desired inner diameter and we will send the hose of your choice on its way. You can find detailed information about the different suction hoses in the product descriptions.