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Build, tinker and repair. Equip yourself with all the tools you need for this and realize your projects.
With our products you can achieve all your craft goals and enjoy what you have created after each completed Project.

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Still looking for the right tool? No problem, thanks to the huge selection within our shop, which can also be described as an online DIY store, you will certainly be able to find the right tool for you. Craftsmen will find what they are looking for in our shop just as quickly as do-it-yourselfers who want to purchase high quality tools. Our extensive assortment ensures that you can purchase professional tools for a wide range of jobs at a reasonable price and in high quality from a single source.

Increase your productivity and safety at work with professional tools or expand your workshop at home with reliable, resistant and durable handicraft articles. As an experienced company in the field of tool trading, we only offer you tools and hand tools that have been made from durable and highly functional material.

The wide selection of tools at

Even the best craftsmen in the world are only as good as the quality of their tools while working. This is exactly why we deliberately focus on a wide range of products, so that you can always find the perfect professional tool for you.

Choose clearly from the following categories in our online shop:

For further subcategories and information on the respective tool category, please refer to the corresponding category page or the direct product listing.

Tools for countless professions in our assortment

Craftsmen can purchase a large number of high-quality tools within our wide range of products. In order for each person to be able to adapt the purchase closely to the requirements of the job or business, a large product selection is very important to us as a tool trade. This is why we have been successfully operating as an online shop and experienced tool dealer for DIY enthusiasts, craftsmen and trade companies for many years now.

The professional groups that buy from us include:

  • mechanics / mechatronics engineers
  • Gas and water installers
  • Roofers
  • Electricians
  • Welder
  • warehouse workers
  • Carpenters
  • painters & varnishers
  • construction workers

We also supply tools to companies in the following sectors, among others:

  • Logistics
  • Fabrication / Production
  • trade
  • Transport
  • waterworks
  • Research & Development

Purchase your desired tool without complications and work more safely and precisely from now on thanks to the durable and long-lasting nature of our tools.

Buy high quality tools at attractive prices

As a long-standing, successful online specialist retailer, we combine three important pillars at all times, which are always our top priority - quality, affordability and service. No matter what professional tool or brand you are looking for within our online presence, the bottom line will always be fair value for money. We only recommend a product on our website if it lives up to this principle without any ifs and buts. During the compilation of our shop offer, we examine each product individually.

Tools available in many different sizes

Enjoy the certainty that you will definitely find the professional tool you really need to complete your tasks in our shop. We carry almost all items in different designs, compositions as well as sizes, so that you can tailor your purchase to your specific requirements. You can find more detailed information on which selection options are available in the respective product description or in the general overview of the respective product category.

Fast delivery with reliable shipping service providers

It is not only tradesmen who sometimes depend on fast delivery of the tools they have ordered. Even for the do-it-yourselfer next door, everything can quickly come to a standstill if, for example, the right tool for working on wood, digging up the bed or raising a wall is missing. As a customer of ours, you can always be sure that we will do everything we can to ship your ordered items as quickly as possible.

As an experienced tool dealer, our primary goal is always to process your order without delay and to have the goods ready for shipment immediately. Only a few days after your purchase in our online shop, you will usually receive your order via DHL or DPD. It does not matter whether you have ordered a small hand tool, such as a cordless screwdriver or torque spanner, or an item of larger dimensions. For our experts, the focus is always on the professional processing of your order.

Free returns for an even more convenient ordering process

You do not like your ordered tool after receiving the goods and you would like to return the unused / used goods to us? We will cover the costs of the return process in full and will send you a return label accordingly if required. For us, impeccable service means that we take full care of a flawless ordering process. The possibility of returning unused items to us free of charge within the specified period is, of course, part of this service concept.

Tools for craftsmen and private individuals

Would you like to buy tools individually or also tool sets? No matter what your wish is in detail - with us you will definitely get the all-in-one solution delivered. As an expert for tools and accessories, it doesn't matter whether you order from us privately or as a company. We have designed our range in such a way that both companies and private individuals get their money's worth. The ordering process is equally convenient and uncomplicated for everyone.