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Whether indoors or outdoors - work clothes are important! Our online store therefore also offers many different models of work pants for you.

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Buy high quality work trousers for work use

Work trousers are part of practical workwear, as they ensure great freedom of movement and thus also a high level of wearer comfort and also fully protect against any hazards. Workwear is usually so robust that it can withstand external impacts, such as shocks and friction, for a long time.

Would you also like to buy cheap work trousers that are made of highly functional fabric? So that you are well prepared before buying, we have summarised a guide for you below, in which we will address the following points in more detail:

  • Why are trousers important for work use?
  • Which occupational groups benefit from this type of workwear?
  • What material makes work trousers so special?

Get the most important information in advance of your purchase and then discover the numerous options in our online shop.

The features of workwear at a glance

Workwear should also be attractive on the outside, no question about it! However, the majority of buyers purchase workwear primarily because the features of the work trousers contribute significantly to a more pleasant and safer working day. There are a large number of different variants on the market, so it is important to check the product description of the model of your choice beforehand. However, basic characteristics can also be defined across models.

Such trousers have the following advantages:

  • High breathability
  • First-class resistance
  • Maximum freedom of movement, (trousers with stretch/stretch inserts)
  • High dirt resistance
  • Excellent odour neutrality
  • Additional pockets for tools

Many of the models also feature extra-reinforced areas with increased abrasion resistance in certain places. The knees, for example, can often be protected by a special knee pad pocket into which knee pads can be inserted. In addition to the often larger standard trouser and back pockets, these trousers for manual workers and do-it-yourselfers also have many other useful trouser pockets. Since one pocket is not enough to store all work utensils, manufacturers have deliberately increased the number of pockets. From a folding rule pocket to extra pockets for nails or hammer loops, there are many different types of useful pockets. This type of workwear also complies with various standards, such as DIN EN 340 or DIN EN 13688. You can find more detailed information about the product in the respective listing.

High-quality work trousers - a must-have in almost every craft sector

Whether work trousers for women or work trousers for men - in many occupational fields you can't do without the hard-wearing trouser variants with the practical pockets. Even though the available work trouser brands can be worn universally in the craft environment, some groups benefit from them particularly strongly, including:

  • Roofers
  • mechanics
  • Craftsmen
  • cleaners
  • warehouse workers
  • gardeners and landscapers

Due to their high versatility, these trousers can also be used as painters' trousers, gardeners' trousers or trousers for moving house. The possibilities are endless.

The highly functional material of a good pair of work trousers

From the waistband to the pocket and the trouser leg, it is the material that makes the trousers special. Even though it is not possible to give a blanket name to the fabrics, the following fibres are generally used for the most part in the models, as they provide the most benefits:

  • Polyester
  • Polyamide
  • Nylon
  • elastane

An absolute perennial favourite that you can't go wrong with is cotton work trousers. But Cordura work trousers are also very popular and beneficial. Both types can also be ordered online from us and are available in a large selection.

Further workwear in the online range of

We offer a wide range of cheap work trousers to brand quality products in our assortment. Find a suitable pair of trousers or dungarees and start your work practically and appropriately dressed. But you can also buy high-quality shorts and high-visibility trousers from us in various colours and designs.

FAQ - Ladies' work trousers / Men's work trousers

Still unanswered questions? In our FAQ section we go into detail about our product range, so that you can be well prepared to find a pair of robust and practical work trousers.

Can work trousers be purchased in any colour at

Certain professions require certain colours of workwear and that is exactly why our models are also available in different shades, including:

  • White
  • Grey
  • green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Orange

But you can also order smart colour combinations from us, so that neither women in women's work trousers nor men in men's work trousers have to walk around drearily during work. If you are looking for camouflage work trousers, you will also find them here.

What work trousers are available?

So that everyone can perfectly realise their ideas and wishes, it was important to us to put together as wide a range as possible for the most diverse occupational groups. This way, you can optimally meet all work requirements afterwards and wear the perfect work trousers for your field of application. The following types can be ordered on our website:

You will find work trousers for women  as well as for men in either short or long. For the respective activity, protection, abrasion resistance and good freedom of movement can thus be ensured quickly and easily for your work assignment. We also have jeans work trousers that are especially suitable for welding work.