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Work vests are a practical utensil in the field of work clothing. In our online store you will find different vests with different materials and functions. In addition to the typical guild vest, we offer various high-visibility vests for adults and for children. These and also the work vests in our offer are available lined and unlined. Some work vests are equipped with many different pockets, so there is something for every profession with its own special tools.

Also versatile are our 2 in 1 work jackets, which have detachable sleeves and can be quickly and easily converted into vests. This applies not only to our lined work jackets with hood, but also to some high-visibility jackets that have an integrated high-visibility vest. But we also have unlined classic work vests in our 2 in 1 range.

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Waistcoats as workwear

Work waistcoats are a popular alternative to work jackets because they offer great advantages. On the one hand, they protect clothing and offer storage space for phones, tools and much more. On the other hand, they are comfortable and airy, so they are particularly practical for the transitional period.

Our work vests

We offer functional work waistcoats for trade and industry. They are suitable for outdoor work on assembly or construction sites. With their padding, they offer good protection against strong winds and chilling.

We also have the right waistcoats for indoor work - equipped with many pockets so that you can always carry your most important utensils with you.

For darker working environments or road construction, we also stock professional warning waistcoats that will definitely make you visible.

Our combinations are also very practical and flexible: They have detachable sleeves and are thus a professional work jacket and work waistcoat in one.

Why not just take any waistcoat?

Work waistcoats have a special structure. They have far more pockets and loops for all the important tools and small items. Since workwear is subject to a lot of wear and tear, the material is an extra durable fabric mix. This increases the durability of the waistcoat.

Our assortment

You will find work waistcoats in beige and black as well as neon colours for high visibility waistcoats. Both padded and unpadded, they offer a high level of wearing comfort and are manufactured to a high standard. You can choose between sizes M - XXXL, some models are smaller or larger.